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- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 07:48 GMT
Hey guys just wondering how long can the shaking stage take i first noticed it at about 5 am she cud well of ben doin it before that but thats when i first noticed. It looks like the shking is gettin progressivly worse as she now stayin in her bed and shutting her eyes. Shes not takin a blind bit of notice of anythin else goin on around her which would normaly make her look and see whats goin on.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 28.05.17 08:00 GMT
It sounds as though she is in a lot of pain. I have never seen this in any bitch before. Please seek advice from a vet.
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 08:16 GMT
Iv been told they shake and pant in labour. Which shes doin one but not the ither. But i will seek advice just thought id ask here. She rmind me so much of me havin my kids as i used ti shke uncontrolabky lol
- By Merlot [gb] Date 28.05.17 08:19 GMT
I would be looking for a visit from the vet by now, it does seem that things are taking far too long. If the vet could feel a nose 2 days ago I would be very concerned.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 28.05.17 08:37 GMT Upvotes 1
Yes, just looked at the previous post. I think I'd be taking her straight to the vet now, this does not sound right. I hope all goes well for your girl and her babies.
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 09:06 GMT
Vets told me to see what happens over next couple hours as when they cud feel nose it was literally just the very tip and wasnt engaged wheras if shes shaking they have said labour has started and can take 8 to 24 hours for forst pup and we are coming up to 5 hours of known shaking. And not wanting to leave her bed. Only for a wee. She has also started mild hining they said she may be one that doesnt let pain show very much. Ao got to ring bk in 2 hours and see where we go from there
- By gsdowner Date 28.05.17 09:38 GMT
I would demand to see a vet now. Vets are not breeders and only really get involved with helping when things go wrong and require a section.

Closing eyes and shivering without panting is bad news and although shaking is one of the first signs of 1st stage labour, there should be panting and some signs of being uncomfortable. Your bitch may be in inertia. Why risk the life of a puppy, the litter or even your bitch?

As for the financial side of things...You are paying for a service and can therefore demand to be seen and have her looked at. If she is in the first stages of inertia or if the first pup is stuck, and the vet holds off until tomorrow to do a section, can you imagine the cost on a bank holiday?

This has gone on long enough surely?
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 10:09 GMT
She has started contracting now. Im not worried bout the costs nd ye her safety is paramount but they have told me unless a bad colour mucas or anything then she will be fine nd is doing everything right thy told me the only time to orry is once contractions start and no pups.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 28.05.17 11:12 GMT
I do hope you have your first puppy or more by now, I think the vet is correct but if you have not seen a whelping before or have someone experienced with you, and each time can vary, then I would be a bit concerned, hopefully you will have the vet on speeddial to ask questions as they arise. Keep us updated please
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 11:18 GMT
Waters have just gone and now she has started to pant properly :-)
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 12:47 GMT
Now have two girgeous puppies mum is doing a grand job waitinf for the rest as knoe there is a min of 4 :-)
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 28.05.17 12:52 GMT
Brilliant, so pleased you have a happy outcome
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 14:27 GMT Upvotes 1
4 pups all doing well :-) scan showed 4 so looks like thats what we got ... 3 look very similar how ill tell thm apart i dont know lol
- By gsdowner Date 28.05.17 16:57 GMT
glad you had a happy outcome. things can so easily go wrong and i think everyone was beginning to worry x congratulations x
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 28.05.17 17:02 GMT
Thanks everyone. And yea i was a bit too but once contractions started it didnt take long about 20 mind between pups ... there was sone green stuff just as 1st pup come out but she is a wrighler and pushes the ithers out the way lol so nothin wring with her... however they will all be checked over. Mum is doin really well abd takin it all in her stride was happy for me to weigh them and give a quick check. And change her bedding. She was ready and waiting with first pup in her mouth waiting to get bk in bless her. Now need to feed her up as shes lost a bit durin last week. X
- By Goldmali Date 28.05.17 23:36 GMT Upvotes 1
That's a relief. You can get puppy ID collars of various types, I prefer the velcro ones myself, as long as they are checked daily so that they are not too tight or too loose. Or you can cut a bit of fur on one or two pups to be able to identify which is which.

If mum needs to gain weight I'd feed her up to 6 times a day, smaller meals obviously, but in all at least 50 % more than normal.
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 29.05.17 10:50 GMT
Yea i have velcrow collars just didnt know how erly they could be used. And yea im lettin mum eat as and when she wants to more or less shes eating well now after not eating much in kast few days
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