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- By xxshowponyxx [gb] Date 27.05.17 21:46 GMT
Has anyone ever imported a puppy from Finland and could give me some information and advice?

We have never imported anything before but have fallen in love with a puppy. Just wondering how difficult/technical/expensive it is to import form Finland and if anyone can offer any advice?

Recommendations appreciated of the best companies to use etc.

Im confident of the puppy - just not of the best way to get him home if we proceed

All info gratefully received :-)
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 28.05.17 06:33 GMT
No experience importing from Finland, though some of the general rules would apply such as rabies vaccination plus 21 days which means normally the puppy's age at the time of travel will be approximately 4 months.

One thing is Finland is a long way. If the puppy is of sufficiently small size, I think the cheapest and safest way to bring him over would be to fly there and back with the puppy. The puppy will be allowed in a suitable carrier inside the passenger area, you will be required to put the carrier on the floor between your legs (but that's just for take off/landing, at other times you could sneak the puppy on your knees).
- By biffsmum [gb] Date 28.05.17 10:13 GMT Upvotes 2
The best and less expesive way to bring a pup into the UK is to fly either to Paris or Brussels. Then drive the pup into the UK through the tunnel. You can't fly a pup into the UK in the cabin with you, they have to go in the hold.

Is there any way that the breeder can fly with the pup and meet you at one of the above airports? 

Unfortunately there isn't a direct ferry from the UK to Finland. When my pup was driven over to here from Sweden by her breeder, they got the ferry from Sweden to Germany, drove to Calais and then got the ferry over to Dover.
- By chaumsong Date 28.05.17 10:19 GMT Upvotes 1

> The puppy will be allowed in a suitable carrier inside the passenger area

Unfortunately the UK does not allow dogs to fly in as excess luggage like that, they must be in the hold as cargo.

Friends recently imported from Sweden and used an animal transporter to bring the pup to the ferry terminal in Holland then went over as foot passengers to collect him.
- By Noora Date 15.06.17 21:50 GMT
I've imported 3 xfrom Finland and also travelled there to mate a bitch. It is quite a way to go but can be done in 2.5 days per each way :-) I've always driven there but have exported and flown 2 pups from UK to finland. I'm finnish myself :-) so close links to breeders there as started my journey with my breed there
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