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- By Megslegs [gb] Date 27.05.17 08:08 GMT
Hi, just wondering if there are any recommendations for a grooming table for a Newfoundland.
I am a dog groomer and have a 48" hydraulic table for my clients' dogs.  However I have now stopped grooming large breeds and one of my ex-clients (and friend) has started to groom her own Newfoundland.  I don't know what her budget is but I have recommended hydraulic or electric table so that it can be lowered for the dog to step on to.  And obviously it has to be able to support the dog's full grown weight. 

Any recommendations from Newfoundland (or similar breeds) would be helpful.  This is for the lady's own dog, for home use. 

Up Topic Dog Boards / General / Grooming table for Newf

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