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- By Goldenfrenzy [gb] Date 26.05.17 08:16 GMT
On Monday I took my dog for his first annual booster.  The vet told me about the new Lepto vaccine and as we do get the occasional rat in the garden (there is a grain mill just up the road and next door have chickens) I saud yes to it.  I must stress that the vet did not put any pressure on the decision.  I have just read in another post on here that there is some controversy over this new vaccine.  I am supposed to take him back in four weeks for a second jab and now dont know what to think.   If I decide not to have the second jab will he still have some degree of cover? 
He is absolutely fine at the moment and I know that everything has its risks.  I just want to do what is best for him.
- By Gundogs [gb] Date 26.05.17 08:52 GMT
- By Lexy [gb] Date 26.05.17 21:02 GMT
As far as I'm aware... L4 is vaccinating against 2 types of Lepto that we don't have in the UK...aswell as having some very bad reactions & some deaths in puppies....

Luckily when my pups were jabbed last summer my vets only use the L2 vaccine, so I didn't have any issues to consider...
- By JeanSW Date 26.05.17 22:53 GMT Upvotes 2
Everyone has their own opinion, so you will get different answers in response to your post.  :grin:

I have 21 dogs and had all mine jabbed with Lepto 4 and another 4 weeks later.  Not one of mine had any ill effect - I always have my boosters, some people only give the puppy jab, and never again for the rest of their lives.  Whereas mine are boostered annually.  As I said - we're all different!
- By Goldenfrenzy [gb] Date 27.05.17 07:06 GMT
Thanks Jean SW feel a bit more reassured now.
- By sqwoofle [gb] Date 27.05.17 07:35 GMT
I am the same at Jean, had my dogs done with Lepto 4 and no issues what so ever. Puppy's also done with it and I've never heard from their owners that the second jab has caused illness.

I think if yours has been fine with the first, continue with that course :)
- By St.Domingo Date 27.05.17 07:41 GMT
Having had a dog that had a massive reaction to her first annual booster, I now titre instead (but not for Lepto ).
She had two puppy jabs and the first annual booster. When titred at 4 years of age she still had immunity.

My dog doesn't particularly mix with other dogs but does get walked on parks . I never allow her to drink from bowls of water outside shops, and I prevent her sniffing other dogs wee as much as I can.

There is a Nobivac Lepto 4 group on Facebook but they are very anti-vaccination.
If I were to get another dog, having read about many reactions to Lepto 4, I personally would seek out a vet who does Lepto 2.

You could always ask your vet how many cases of Lepto they had had in the last 12 months, and the outcome. I asked mine when I took her for titre and was surprised how few there were.
- By Goldenfrenzy [gb] Date 27.05.17 08:27 GMT
Thanks for the reply.  My vet did say that at that practice they had done over a thousand jabs with Lepto4.  I guess you never really know if you are doing the right thing.  Everything nowadays seems to be fraught with dangers. Gave my previous dogs Bravecto but have decided not to give it to this one.
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