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- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 24.05.17 19:38 GMT
Hey me again ... can anyone give me any idea what time frame im looking at from plug to first pup? And how much pkug is there generly??
- By suejaw Date 24.05.17 21:01 GMT
All bitches are different. My girls went and within the hour 3 pups had been born. I know some will go on a lot longer than this.
- By Axe97 [gb] Date 24.05.17 21:43 GMT
My girls latest (3 weeks ago) it came out and literally 5 minutes later her first pup arrived.

Good luck
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 25.05.17 06:16 GMT
Well here we are next koring and she had a more settled night than she has in a while. Was told to go bk to vets if nothing happened last night o off to see what they say
- By Goldmali Date 25.05.17 17:51 GMT
How's it going? Must be day 65 now?
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 25.05.17 20:51 GMT
Went to vets for a check up today and she said everythinf is as shud be and first pup is where it should be and is that close she could feel the nose.... said it shud be tonight..... however although shes doing all the righr things again and had a good ckear out she is eating as we speak lol so who knows. Been told if nothing in r8 hours they will help
- By Goldmali Date 27.05.17 13:26 GMT Upvotes 1
How did it go?
- By Piglett87 [gb] Date 27.05.17 16:21 GMT
Still holding on. But milk is defo in now and shes doing loads and loads of digging in her bed and pacing around. Vet thinks shw got cought later than first thought. But either way she is ready niw so hoping to be tonighr and lost more pkug this morning but as its still ckear vets r hppy got go bk monday if no signs.
- By Lexy [gb] Date 28.05.17 11:40 GMT
So, did you have more than one mating & if so what were the date/s of other matings?

edited to add.. no need to reply, just seen your newer thread...
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / How long from plug/mucus (locked)

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