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- By Jofalon [gb] Date 22.05.17 05:18 GMT
looking for West Highland pups for sale. Our neighbour has recommended to us this site. Unfortunately, it does not appear their are any pup litters available.
If anyone knows of anyone who could help us in our quest to find a pup it would be very much appreciated. Willing to travel any distance.
Thank you
- By MamaBas Date 22.05.17 07:33 GMT
I think you should contact the relevant Breed Club.   They have Codes of Ethics should should mean you don't inadvertently find a BYB - and this is a popular breed with many coming from bad sources.

Most Clubs have somebody keeping lists of breeders with puppies - and even if the bigger breeders don't have litters, they probably have stud dogs being used by others, so will know where there are expected litters. 

Good luck.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 22.05.17 07:40 GMT
Have a look at the lists on the Kennel Club website. Remember to see the mum interact with the puppies, and make sure that the puppies will be microchipped before they're sold (this is the law).
Up Topic Dog Boards / Searching / West Highland Terrior Pup Required

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