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- By Trialist Date 17.05.17 09:37 GMT
Not a breeding question as such but want to limit the replies to what I actually want to use a webcam for :confused:

I want to set up a webcam on my next litter of puppies so that I can live stream through u-stream (an online live streaming platform), or similar, for people to watch live.

I don't want to use the camera on my computer. I've been looking at surveillance cameras (Clever Dog and Time2) as the cameras and functions are very good. However, the manufacturers/sellers of both have not been able to give me a definitive answer as to whether I can use such devices purely as a webcam ... and then use u-stream, or whatever, to broadcast.

So, what webcam do others use and recommend? :D :D Preferably wide screen and with night viewing possible - but the latter isn't essential.

- By Trialist Date 18.05.17 17:44 GMT

I can't be the only breeder to webcam their pups, can I? :(
- By Kenny Date 18.05.17 18:20 GMT Upvotes 4
Maybe ?

Why do you want to ?

Happy to upload videos and pics of my puppies but livestreaming ? Who's going to watch ? Will you have audio ? Careful what you say.

I was watching last night and I saw your girl stand on one of the puppies, I don't want that one etc..........

Don't do it like that, do it like this, unbelievable I've never been so outraged, call yourself a breeder

Not worth the hassle, sorry just my thoughts.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 18.05.17 18:58 GMT Upvotes 1
We've got one but I'm afraid my hubby is the techy one and he's out, so I have no idea how it works. We first got one when we had a litter of puppies, but we tend to leave it up all the time so I can check in when I'm bored at work and see all the dogs sleeping!
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 18.05.17 19:24 GMT Upvotes 1
I'm interested too, what camera would people recommend to be the best! I'd want to use it for when we're not at home, to check and see how things are and what my dogs are up to.
- By sqwoofle [gb] Date 18.05.17 22:48 GMT
Me me me!! I do!! XD

So we got a Motorola baby monitor/cam for our last litter. Will search out the box to tell you which one, but I would highly recomend it!

It was just a camera (didn't come with a screen), and you used an app on a phone/tablet/Smart TV or computer to view it from anywhere as it ran on the WiFi. We set it up above the welping pen. You can move the camera around remotely using the app, you can hear and talk through it. It also had night vision which was great for checking the puppies from bed ;)

It was about £100 - but TOTALLY worth it! All members of the family had the app and log in details so they could watch the pups where ever they went - and show them off! (Of course someone was at home with them too.)
- By Trialist Date 19.05.17 12:26 GMT Edited 19.05.17 12:32 GMT
Selected chosen ones will watch :smile:
- By Trialist Date 19.05.17 12:28 GMT Upvotes 1
For you then, monkeyj,  you should take a look at the Clever Dog camera with phone app. A friend has one for the same reason and says it's excellent. I believe the Time2 cameras and apps are also very very good - another friend has a camera set up in his barn at lambing time ... nothing better than armchair farming and only leaving the fire when necessary ;)
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 19.05.17 12:29 GMT Upvotes 1
Thank you I'll have a look at those two :smile:
- By Trialist Date 19.05.17 12:31 GMT
Thanks sqwoofle, do you know if you can use as a stand alone webcam as well? I fancied a surveillance camera but am being told the ones I've looked at can only run through the apps. I don't need the capability of the surveillance cameras, yet.
- By Alfieshmalfie Date 20.05.17 07:38 GMT
I did, because some of my pups were going to opposite ends of the country and I wanted their new owners and families to be able to see what they were up to and how they were growing up. I started the webcam only once they had been down to see me in person and after the pups were 3 weeks old.

My pups had a massive double BigFoot pen in my kitchen as it was winter so I attached a webcam (no sound) to the top of a kitchen unit, that was linked to a laptop and through the Ustream programme. I used to livestream for one specific hour in the evening, which only the new owners had the link to. The pups all had different coloured Velcro collars on (pups were all yellow). It worked really well, quite often I would get an owner ring for a chat (a nice one) whilst the camera was on and they said it was great to see the pups play and interact. It also created a strong link between the new owners and I and al eight families still keep in contact with me.

By only having it live for one hour, it meant that I could be in the kitchen too, it didn't personally intrude on my family too much when the pups were taking up all our time anyway and it created a bond with new owners that were in some cases 500 miles away.
- By tooolz Date 20.05.17 10:53 GMT Upvotes 1
Motorola cam, live feed hosted by Hubble.
I can watch it wherever I am (in the world), good for checking on hubby too when he's in charge.:eek:
- By sqwoofle [gb] Date 20.05.17 22:09 GMT
The Hubble app is great! We have the same :)
- By Trialist Date 30.05.17 15:54 GMT
Thanks, that's pretty much the same way I plan to use a webcam. With additional live streaming during whelping to my breeder friend and mentor :D: She now lives several hundreds of miles from me but still wants to be involved in seeing the new pups arriving!
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