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- By Alexis12 [gb] Date 16.05.17 20:36 GMT Edited 17.05.17 08:28 GMT
We're looking for a Labrador (ideally fox red or black but all great), Hungarian Viszla or German Shorthaired Pointer. As a teacher an ideal time would be mid-end July (or later) to take a puppy home so would love to hear from anyone who has any puppies due over the next few weeks so that we can get them settled over the long summer holiday.

- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 17.05.17 06:46 GMT Upvotes 1
Hi Alexis, you may have left it a little late to find good breeders who will have a puppy available at your chosen time as most will be spoken for prior to conception. Also if I were you, I would research the breeds you are interested in and decide which one to pursue. One of my questions to prospective puppy buyers is why an X? I would always want to know that they had researched the breed and understand their needs and temperament and have thought about how one would fit with their family.  Be prepared to discuss your plans for the dog after the Summer holidays.  Have a look at the list of breeders of your chosen breed on Champ Dogs and contact some breeders, even if there are no litters advertised, the dog world is a small one and people often know of planned litters.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Searching / Labrador, Viszla, GS Pointer

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