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- By Angel eyes [gb] Date 16.05.17 20:00 GMT
Hi I have a almost one year old pug who is having a false pregency and is lactating small amounts of milk , do not want drugs for her what homeopathic medicine is good to treat this for her and to prevent it happening again please
- By Jodi [ie] Date 16.05.17 20:28 GMT
I have heard that raspberry leaf is effective, never used it though. Try googling it and see what you come up with
- By poodlenoodle Date 16.05.17 20:31 GMT Upvotes 1
All homeopathic medicine is 100% water so take your pick.

Raspberry leaf tea (the herbal tea) is good for the uterus (period pains, birth pains, and for bringing milk in after birth) but I'm not sure if it would help with canine false pregnancy or not.
- By JeanSW Date 16.05.17 22:27 GMT Upvotes 1
I have never given them anything.  Remove all toys, or anything that the bitch may want to "mother."

Up the exercise and treat the poor girl with a jolly hockey sticks approach.  Seems cruel when you so want to cuddle them, but it is the kindest way of moving them on, and drying up the milk naturally.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 17.05.17 07:04 GMT
Speak to either Helios or ainsworth homeopathic pharmacy .  homeopathy maybe  controversial but it certainly won't do harm and isn't costly do always worth a try
- By MamaBas Date 17.05.17 07:36 GMT
Something in the back of my mind says Epsom Salts in the water.   I've not tried this (mainly because with a group of hounds, I couldn't) but I think it works.  How much I don't know.    Unfortunately when you get this lactation, it seems to last even longer than if they were actually nursing a litter.   And if it happens once with a bitch, it may well happen again so perhaps it might be best to get her spayed?

Yes, Ainsworth may well be able to help you.
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 17.05.17 08:58 GMT Upvotes 1
Whatever you do, don't extract any milk from her and leave her "milk bar" and teats alone.
As with a cow if milk is taken it encourages the system to make more.
Best to keep food rations a little on the short side too, and as mentioned, remove all toys to help prevent "nesting".
Nature is strange but everything will be ok.
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