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- By David Newsway [ie] Date 14.05.17 14:12 GMT
Hello All,
It seems that Miniature Pinscher litters are scarce enough (even more so in Ireland).
My yorkie passed away 2yrs ago and I'm now ready to get another member of the family - now my kids are that much older we've identified the min pin as the dog for us.
Been looking for an age at this point so, should anyone have a litter planned (or know of anyone that does), I'd rely appreciate hearing from you.
Looking for a black and tan min pin and more than willing to travel to pick him/her up.
Thanks for your help.
- By tigran [gb] Date 14.05.17 16:23 GMT
If you go on The Kennel Club website, Find a Puppy there are 3 litters advertised! But they are all in the U.K.
Hope that helps
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 14.05.17 16:46 GMT
Have u looked at the mini pin breed clubs ? They u info.and find someone who may be able to put u on waiting list. Have u spoken to any breeders in here under the breeder section .I don't know how many litters are registered a year but I doubt it's many so it  will require even more patience than u have had already
- By David Newsway [ie] Date 15.05.17 06:30 GMT
Thanks. I tried all the breeders on the kennel Club site and got nowhere.
I stumbled across this site so thought a general comment may be a good route before reaching out to all the individual breeders. I shall do that now.
It seems perseverance and patience is what it needs.
Thank you for comments. Much appreciated.
- By David Newsway [ie] Date 15.05.17 06:33 GMT
Thanks. I don't think they update the site too often - been told by the breeders that they were sold weeks back.... unless there are new ads placed very recently...
I shall double check. Thanks, David.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 15.05.17 06:45 GMT Edited 15.05.17 06:47 GMT

> I don't think they update the site too often

The adverts on the KC site are placed, if the breeder wishes at the time of litter registration and run for 8 weeks.

Most breeders these days will register their litters at two to 4 weeks of age in order to have al the paperwork done in time for the compulsory micro chipping by 8 weeks.

For this reason pups may be sold in the intervening time.

In numerically small breeds the Breed Clubs are your best port of call, as with small litters often breeders don't need to advertise as they will have a waiting list, with pups spoken for some time in advance of being born even.

Most breed club secretaries will know who is planning a litter.  Getting onto a waiting list of a breeder you like (whose ethics coincide etc) is your best bet.
- By MamaBas Date 15.05.17 07:14 GMT
Going via the relevant Breed Club is always a good idea - if only to avoid BYBs (Clubs have Codes of Ethics).    If you find one of the bigger breeders, even if they don't have a litter 'on the ground', they probably have stud dogs being used so would be likely to know where there is a litter/expected litter.

Whatever you do, don't get so frustrated that you buy from a BYB (not that this is a popular breed so that's 'unlikely') or from some online outfit!  Always see mum with her puppies, meet the breeders face to face and see their adults so you should be able to guage temperament at least.
- By suejaw Date 15.05.17 07:55 GMT
What's probably your best bet us finding a breeder you like and going on a waiting list rather than waiting for a litter to be advertised or added to the KC puppy list.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 15.05.17 16:14 GMT     this will give you an idea of what is going on and as suejaw suggests once you have spoken to a couple of breeders and found out there plans you will be best going on a waiting list or possibly two Just make sure if you do go on more than one list the breeders are aware so no-one is upset. .
- By David Newsway [ie] Date 16.05.17 22:59 GMT Upvotes 1
Thanks for all the responses.
As luck would have it the alert I set up yesterday morning came back last night.
Im really happy to say that after a trip to Dungarvan today, the family is now plus one - MPSirius Adhara.
She's beautiful and I'm delighted.
Thanks again, everyone.
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