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- By Louise Badcock [gb] Date 13.05.17 13:45 GMT
Have you any advice about"light" diets?
My Sheltie is overweight at nearly 2yo. I have tried nearly a year on raw feeding ...a local product which is complete. 100gm a day. She lost about 300gm then seemed to stick at 8.3Kg.
I tried a Hills metabolic diet for a while which caused her to gain weight at the recommended levels.
The problem with feeding less is the constipation.......poos like rabbit droppings LOL
There is nothing wrong with her and I cannot give more exercise. She gets out 2 to 4 times a day, runs and swims.
I was thinking of trying eg Arden Grange light. Currently i feed Arden Grange with a bit of tinned.
Regards Louise
- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 13.05.17 15:43 GMT Edited 13.05.17 15:46 GMT
Have you considered feeding less or stopping treats, our dogs can't put on weight unless it goes in at the front end.
I know that sounds a bit abrupt but it's the simplest way to say it !!

Personally I find feeding raw is the easiest way to control weight, (you do not need a lot though as it is very nutritional and a little goes a long way )
- By Garbo [gb] Date 13.05.17 15:47 GMT
I have had great success with Burns weight control.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 13.05.17 22:19 GMT Edited 13.05.17 22:23 GMT
When feeding raw the usual.mount is 2% of  goal.weight and treats to be taken out of that amount .if u need to pad it out add green veg . Also.try feeding lower fat meats .It takes a while but as for us doing it slowly is better .if poo is hard add some boneless meat .trouble with some completes is that they aren't always balanced and can have high percentage of bone.thays done if u can adjust accordingly
- By Louise Badcock [gb] Date 14.05.17 09:48 GMT
I have been feeding far less than this for months. I weigh out every meal on digital scales
2% of 7KG is 140g a day. She gets 100g and a few training treats not adding up to 140g.
I have been confident that the complete raw food is balanced and I buy 8 different ones to mix them up. They all are based on chicken with added other things like ox cheek oily fish. They all have 5% vegetables included.
Progress has been so slow which is why I am asking about Light diets.
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