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- By Whatdog [gb] Date 09.05.17 07:59 GMT
I wonder if any of you have any suggestions please.  A friend of mine has a dog who is suffering with an ongoing eye condition and she currently has him in a cone of shame 24hrs a day to stop him scratching.
She would prefer him to be in an inflatable collar as they are better for all round vision and comfort but he can still scratch at his eye with his paw when he's wearing one of those.
Do you have any suggestions of anything else that she could do.  I've suggested wrapping his paws so that he can't scratch, not sure how ideal that is.
Any help would be most grateful as the poor boy is really suffering.  I will pass them all on.
- By Tectona [gb] Date 09.05.17 08:52 GMT
Comfy cones are more readily accepted than traditional plastic ones and will prevent scratching of the eye.
- By Lacy Date 09.05.17 11:40 GMT
Apart from the fact that with our breed conventional cones are not idea, as with short legs the cone tends to dig into the floor but when we've had eye problems or recovering from surgery they've just lain on the floor and rubbed their eye against the inside of the cone! Did try a comfy cone but it caused different problems - could be because it was black - but it terrified him, was far to long due to the size required for his neck & just stood rooted to the ground refusing to move, shaking & drooling. Buster collars have been a great success, neither have minded wearing them & willing walked up to them raising their heads for placement. Have to admit & all dogs are individuals but they didn't have to wear them when with me as could stop them scratching but willingly wore them for the short periods they were unattended.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / Help stopping a dog from scratching a bad eye

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