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- By SWMBO1 [gb] Date 07.05.17 10:02 GMT
Hi all,

I am new here but am hoping someone can help. I am trying to track down the original owner/breeder of my five and half year old Lab bitch.
I have the pedigree information for her Dam and Sire, but not hers!

We believe she came from the only litter registered under Creccamarsh Faith with Dargdaffin Leo of Creccamarsh. So she is one of four bitch puppies born in November 2011 -

Snowdrop Daffodil
Lillie Rosie
Petals of the Flower
Daisy Bluebell

The problem is we dont know which one! We have contacted the Kennel Club to see if they can shed any light on things, but apart from confirming that only one of the bitches hasn't been transferred form the original breeder, we are no further forward.

We bought her from a lady in the Gloucester area in early 2012 who wasn't the original breeder but seemed to be fostering her (as far as we can remember).

I know that the gundog/ champdog world is a fairly close community so hoping that by a process of elimination we can finally track down which of the four pups we have and finally get her registered in our name.

Any help gratefully received.

- By MamaBas Date 07.05.17 10:22 GMT
From what I can understand about your situation, you have a bitch, you know the names of sire and dam but as you weren't given the paperwork for your bitch, you don't know which of the 4 bitches in her litter she is.   Chances are none of them was registered with the KC for some reason, although it sounds as if they were.   It used to be in the past, that with the information, reg. numbers etc of the parents, an owner as opposed to the breeder, could register an individual dog.

If 'only one of the 4 HASN'T had the transfer registered', then surely the one left is your bitch?   But I suppose if one of the 3 who were transferred, ended up in Rescue, then she could be one of the 3!!!   Even so, you'd have to have the original Registration paper signed by the breeder/initial new owner, to be able to register a transfer into your name?

Hopefully somebody here will recognise the Creccamarch affix and so that breeder, who may have enough information about what's been going on with the bitch you now have, in the past 5 years, can help you.

I suppose being able to, presumably eliminate the one who didn't have a Transfer registered, means she's one of 3, not 4!!
- By Lexy [gb] Date 07.05.17 10:29 GMT Edited 07.05.17 10:36 GMT
None of the 4 bitches have had progeny registered at the KC.

Just to say there may well be a reason why the person whom you got your bitch from, didn't give you the KC papers(pedigree, registration form) for your bitch, which of course we don't know...

Is there any other reason(other than the one you have mentioned), which you can tell us, why you need to know which 'puppy', out of the 4, you have? Quite a number of pups I have sold over the years whom I have given all the relevant paperwork to, never bothered to transfer the pup into their name, so looks like I have more dogs than I do as far as the KC are concerned.

edited to add .....the one that wasn't transferred could very well have been kept by the breeder therefore wouldn't not be transferred as there isn't the need(pups I breed & keep don't get transferred). The puppy you have, would have possibly been transferred from the breeder to the lady you bought her from, therefore could be one of the transferred of the 3....
- By kayc [gb] Date 07.05.17 11:58 GMT Upvotes 5
Have PM'd you with telephone no of breeder and Sires owner.  Hope they are able to help.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 08.05.17 11:12 GMT Upvotes 1
Keep us posted, I love a good detective search! :-)
- By SWMBO1 [gb] Date 08.05.17 17:15 GMT
Thanks for the support
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