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- By ali-t [gb] Date 06.05.17 12:56 GMT
My dog has in the last month or so been eating other dog's poo when she gets the chance.  She will be snuffling around and appear with a mars bar look alike with a view to scoffing it.  Thankfully we have pretty much perfected the 'leave it' command so she drops the poo.  If only people who live in our area would pick up after their dogs grrrr.

She doesn't eat her own and from seeing the poo she does eat, it looks like grain/kibble fed dog poo (she is fed raw) so any suggestions apart from incorporating kibble into her diet more (currently use it for some training/show baiting) for getting her to stop poo hunting.  I don't want to muzzle her, keep her on a lead all the time, use citronella collars or any other aversive tool.  I read some articles online about poo eating being a vitamin B deficiency but as she is raw fed (sometimes red meat) is it likely she would have a deficiency? 

I am hoping this is something fixable rather than just because she likes the taste :eek::surprised:  All suggestions will be considered.  Thanks
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 06.05.17 13:20 GMT
. I have one that does this and  any poo is fine  however  stopping eating others poo is more tricky than eating their own. AT least that you can get out and remove before its eaten. Various ideas for why are about, from diet , vitamin deficiency particularly cobalamin , habit , instinct, more common in bitches as they will eat their pups poo

Mine are all raw fed which doesn't mean nothing could be missing of course and even if you are feeding an excellent diet some dogs may not beable to digest it properly regardless of if its raw or kibble . Also its not a raw or kibble fed thing any dog might do it

I had mine tested and nothing found at all infact a very healthy dog who has acquired a horrid habit at least to us humans

Just check she is having meat offal and bone in approx. 80% 10% bone 5% liver and %5 other offal in a good variety of proteins and I am sure all is well. Some do like to add fruit and veg although I don't. I have heard people say that has helped, others it makes no difference so mostly likely a habit/instinct and tasty to them

Last resort if it worries you is a muzzle
- By ali-t [gb] Date 06.05.17 13:30 GMT
Think its just time to stop the kisses and no hugs straight after walks lol
- By JeanSW Date 06.05.17 14:57 GMT Upvotes 1
Ali I have a lot of dogs and some don't touch poo - others relish it.  If I race up to them they gobble it down quickly.  Some dogs seem to think it's normal and I have never found an answer.  Apart from, as you recommend, no face licking thank you.
- By Lacy Date 06.05.17 21:00 GMT Upvotes 2
Like Jean not found an answer, sometimes our boy would go through periods of eating it & then go for months showing no interest. He did respond to 'Leave it' but when you have a scent hound with short legs it's not always easy to tell if their 'just reading the local news' as I call it or going for something edible. He did tend to give himself away to his intention, as he'd give me a sneak of a look, to see if I was watching but would grab it before I could say anything.
- By jameswhitehouse [gb] Date 15.05.17 18:13 GMT
Without getting too heavy here are a couple of links to some useful literature. I remember looking this stuff up when my rescue came home for the first time. She was eating poop consistency for a couple of months.

Boze, B.G. (2010). Correlates of coprophagy in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris) as assessed by owner reports. J. Appl. Comp. Anim. Behav, 4, pp.28-38
McKeown, D., Luescher, A. and Machum, M., (1988). Coprophagia: Food for thought. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 29(10), p.849.

We actually changed her diet and it had a huge impact. Found a high quality food that really worked for her and she has never looked back!
- By ali-t [gb] Date 15.05.17 19:58 GMT
Thanks, ill have a look. What were you feeding and what did you change to?
- By poodlenoodle Date 16.05.17 20:35 GMT
< 'just reading the local news' >

We call it "checking his peemail" :grin:
- By JeanSW Date 16.05.17 22:24 GMT Upvotes 1

> <br />We call it "checking his peemail" <

Same here.   :grin:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 17.05.17 07:06 GMT
One of mine does it .she is raw fed ,had tests and nothing missing . For many it becomes a habit so prevention is the only way
- By Nikita [gb] Date 17.05.17 15:45 GMT
Indeed.  I've just switched mine to raw and although she's not trying as hard to, I still see signs that Paige will continue to do it.  She's been doing it now for a good 4 or 5 years so it's a well-established habit.

She started originally because she needed worming, I wormed her and that stopped it but then it started up again soon after and never stopped again.
- By jameswhitehouse [gb] Date 17.05.17 19:08 GMT
We were passed a bag of Hills when we brought her home, but then we were recommended by a friend. It's essentially home-cooked food delivered. They are pretty new I think but the guys are super helpful.
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 17.05.17 23:21 GMT
Wow, I'm sure it is good stuff, but that is expensive dog food!  I calculate that my two KC standard sized Beagles would cost £38 a week to feed on Butternut food. I use a decent grain free kibble, and usually home cook their human consumption meat and vegetables, but only spend about half that amount.
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 18.05.17 00:03 GMT Upvotes 1
Back on topic, my girl had previously lived in kennels and I was told that she was a poop eater when she came to us. I always reward my hounds for doing their poos when asked, and this soon stops them from eating their own - they are so keen to earn the tiny treat that they want to leave the evidence! She will still try to pinch a bit of my boy's offering, but the thing that really sickened me was the snatching of pieces from unknown dogs when we were out on walks.
Diligence, and a sharp, 'Leave It!', usually suffices to control the grabbing at all but rabbit currants, but I have noticed that she seems to be most tempted by what has been passed by dogs fed on the very cheapest type of food - what I call pink Chappie poo. Mine are fed grain free, with mixed vegetables and human grade meat, so I wonder, do they actually crave their version of, 'junk food', or is that the junk poo so impregnated with flavourings that is smells like food-like even after it has been passed?
I am certain that poo eating is nothing to do with dietary deficiencies. It has a lot to do with an unchecked habit which may begin in bitches when they clear up after their puppies. To some dogs, poo is simply a resource, and for greedy breeds, not one to be wasted. I believe, (hope), that it is possible to de-train the habit, but think it needs a great deal of supervision.
- By Lacy Date 18.05.17 06:24 GMT

> all but rabbit currants, but I have noticed that she seems to be most tempted by what has been passed by dogs fed on the very cheapest type of food - what I call pink Chappie poo

LOL, My remaining hound used to literally 'hoover' Bunny chips as we call them, & agree they seemed to be most tempted by colourful, soft pungent output!
- By magnificent-pup [ph] Date 23.05.17 01:34 GMT
Oh my gosh!  That's disgusting!  Does she still do it?  I hope not anymore.
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