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- By ali-t [gb] Date 06.05.17 12:45 GMT
I am looking for recommendations before subscribing to a dog magazine, mainly for show critiques. 

I live and am only likely to show in Scotland and have a working breed so would want the magazine that would be the most relevant. 

At the moment we are doing more open shows than champ shows and see that the subscriptions for our dogs are pretty expensive but the website is awful.  Dog world seems to have quite a lot online and the dogbiz site appears really out of date. Any other suggestions for a very amateur shower of rotts in Scotland.
- By suejaw Date 06.05.17 13:01 GMT
You really need one or the other or both because you never know which papers will be sent the critiques nor do you know which ones will be printed and when. It's a lottery.
I have 1 paper online and then ask about if I'm waiting for a critique to see if it's in the other.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 06.05.17 13:27 GMT
Thanks Sue, this showing caper is an expensive business.  Might just have to bite the bullet then.
- By corgilover [gb] Date 06.05.17 15:44 GMT
I have had a critique only in on paper before and never seen in other.  And when judging myself sent to both papers on same email five weeks difference and one heavily edited. I had three classes with puppies in all as well as BOB. RBOB. B.O.S., R.B.O.S., BPIB AND RBPIB awards to give so second and third place dogs also had write ups, One paper printed as is other first only so some awards had no write ups which was annoying as I had been warned before starting about the awards and to do critiques on first three in case of need and there was, thank God for a competent steward as all classes had double figures in and he knew who was needed for what
- By Goldmali Date 06.05.17 17:34 GMT
At the moment we are doing more open shows than champ shows and see that the subscriptions for our dogs are pretty expensive but the website is awful.

Can't say that's been my experience. Show reports going back to 2001 and digital editions of the paper going back to 2008.

I don't think anyone who really wants as many of their critiques as possible can do without getting both papers. Even then not all will appear. OD tends to allow critiques for more places at open show than DW does. Breed notes also include a lot more in OD. But DW has some excellent columnists well worth reading.
- By suejaw Date 06.05.17 19:01 GMT
If you get one online whereby another has the other and you can both check each paper for critiques each other is looking for. Would that work for You?
- By ali-t [gb] Date 06.05.17 20:18 GMT Upvotes 1
Goldmali, maybe the members bit is better but i find the non members bit horrible.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 06.05.17 20:19 GMT
Suejaw, that would work.  I know someone who gets more than 1 but feel like a leech asking her to check regularly.
- By suejaw Date 06.05.17 22:00 GMT
Does the breeder get either of the papers as you could do the other one if so. Worth asking her  x
- By Lexy [gb] Date 07.05.17 09:00 GMT Upvotes 1
At one time(about 15/20 years ago) I used to get both of the weekly dog papers, I then stopped one opting for Dog World...when the online option came in I have never used it...much prefer the paper issue & my mother doesn't have a computer, so needs the paper issue. 5 years ago I changed back to Our Dogs & I much prefer it.

As to critiques I have had experience that Dog World edits/cuts down & Our Dogs doesn't....another reason why I prefer Our Dogs...:wink:
- By Brainless [gb] Date 07.05.17 12:18 GMT
Our dogs are good at printing critiques as written.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 07.05.17 12:54 GMT
Thanks everyone, i am thinking of not bothering at the moment with either of them as we definitely dont show enough or win enough to justify both subscriptions.  Maybe if/when we do more and win more i will bite the bullet and get both subscriptions.  Thanks everyone for the feedback.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 08.05.17 11:10 GMT
I've had DW for many years now and always enjoy the articles as well as the breed notes and critiques.
- By ali-t [gb] Date 08.05.17 12:14 GMT Upvotes 1
och now Lucy, you have now got me swaying again.
- By suejaw Date 08.05.17 15:49 GMT
Are you on fb at all?  If so ping me a request and then you can pm me if you want any critiques which are in dogworld
- By ali-t [gb] Date 08.05.17 16:54 GMT
Thanks for that.  I dont use facebook but We have one for the pup for her show/training mates so i will hunt you down and send you a request.  Its only dog pics on it so you wont get lots of crap showing up.
- By suejaw Date 08.05.17 17:16 GMT
Ah yes.. I was thinking who is this and thought it just be you considering your 2 other mutual friends
- By ali-t [gb] Date 08.05.17 17:27 GMT
Haha, that was my clue too as i remember you saying  before you knew her breeder and weirdly your name came up with a pic on our feed today - very fortuitous!
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