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- By bucksmum [gb] Date 04.05.17 13:41 GMT
What is the best tick treatment at the moment. We have 11 dogs so applying the spot on every month is so expensive .... I haven't used anything for years so haven't kept up with the latest treatments . Not keen on collars as they are kennelled in 2's and don't want them eating them off each other. Any ideas please? any spot on's  that last longer than a month? Thankyou
- By biffsmum [gb] Date 04.05.17 14:20 GMT
I have 8 dogs. My vet allows me to buy my spot on treatment in the packs for the biggest dogs and then treat each dog with the correct amount for their weight via a syringe (obviously onto the skin). This works out so much cheaper.
- By gsdowner Date 05.05.17 09:36 GMT
we do not chemically treat any of our dogs. we feed garlic cooked with their bone broth and turmeric every fortnight.
- By onetwothreefour Date 05.05.17 20:41 GMT
I think you need to assess the risk factors of where you live, where you walk your dogs, the breed they are, how long their coat is, how much they go into cover (versus sticking to paths) and so on. 

When you have a rough idea of each dog's risk factors (and they might not be the same even if the same breed - an oldie is more likely to toddle on paths than a youngster), if you want to treat for ticks...

The cheapest option and in my opinion the safest (because reversible - you can take them off if there are side-effects) is the collars - either the Scalibor (non-prescription) or the Seresto (prescription).  They last something like 6 months (off the top of my head) so are much more economical than other treatments.

If you don't want to use the collars (it might be that you could if some of your dogs won't chew them off?) the only other alternative to spot-ons is Bravecto - which is a tablet that lasts again 6 months (I think...) and taken orally, by mouth.  I wouldn't say it is any cheaper than spot-ons...
- By Tommee Date 05.05.17 21:27 GMT Upvotes 1
One of the known side effects of Bravecto(on.the information leaflet)is epilepsy wouldn't use it on any animal
- By G.Rets [gb] Date 05.05.17 21:56 GMT
In the main, I just use a tick remover and twizzle the little Bs out as soon as I feel one. I do go through their long coats daily when stroking them. It is easy to see the ticks when they are tiny and walking over blonde heads or white blazes like tiny spiders. Then I drown the things down the loo.
- By chaumsong Date 06.05.17 09:43 GMT
I've tried seresto and scalibor collars, frontline and similar spot ons and found that we still got ticks. My dogs have long, soft coats and we walk in heavily tick infested areas. The only thing that guarantees no ticks for us is bravecto. I buy the bigger size tablet and half them which makes it a bit more economical, also my vets do buy 3 get one free. So for the price of 3 20-40kg tablets I can treat all 4 of my (average 18kg) dogs twice.
- By bucksmum [gb] Date 06.05.17 14:11 GMT
Thanks all.... I think bravecto is the way to go. Is it prescription only?

Having so many dogs out running all together they are always in cover and we live in the middle of the woods. It is not uncommon for me to pluck of 12 or more ticks crawling on each dog after a walk. I've tried all preventatives garlic etc but it's not enough, too many dogs and just too many ticks around us.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 06.05.17 14:43 GMT
We walk in tick infested areas as well and I use Brevecto during the summer usually once I find the first tick then I dose and it keeps them clear throughout the season. Its always a risk whatever you do and in my long double coated beasts often the first sign is a fat drunk tick wandering round the floor. I do try to check them every day but they have huge spay coats and its hard without executing an hours full grooming each day !! I am dedicated to the girls grooming but even I cannot commit to a down to the skin comb each day ! With them being black too its much harder. Unfortunately we will have to adopt a more general view as now so many dogs travel overseas and the UK will be much the same as the continent soon with ticks becoming more of a problem already. With new types comes new diseases and we shall have to decide the risks involved with medication verses illnesses.
- By onetwothreefour Date 06.05.17 15:11 GMT
Yes, Bravecto is prescription-only in the UK.  However [puts flak hat on] it can be ordered online from Australian pharmacies without prescription - see
- By chaumsong Date 06.05.17 16:30 GMT

> Yes, Bravecto is prescription-only in the UK.  However [puts flak hat on] it can be ordered online from Australian pharmacies without prescription - see

You can probably get it much cheaper from your vet here though.

I can pick it up from the receptionist without a prescription or seeing the vet. The 20 - 40kg bravecto pills are just under £25 each, buy 3 get one free. So 4 pills for £75.

The deadfleaz site wants $165 for 4 of the same size, around £127.
- By Kate H [ie] Date 07.05.17 12:08 GMT Upvotes 1
I have 10 dogs and while I have read about issues using bravecto I have no choice as its the only one that I have found to keep them free from ticks. My doberman suffered from an autoimmune disease 4 years ago and the specialist vet I took her to at the time emphasised the importance of tick prevention as one of the most important factors in trying to prevent a recurrence.  I usually give it to them in June and it lasts for the tick season.
- By onetwothreefour Date 10.05.17 15:23 GMT
I guess it depends on the vet - our vet will only prescribe any prescription med if you've seen the vet (for anything) in the last 6 months with that dog. 

If you have, you can get them from the receptionist.  If you haven't, you have to pay £39 for a consultation and then for the meds on top...
- By Trialist Date 17.05.17 09:49 GMT
A friend lives in the Highlands (huge tick problem and a number of her friends have got Lymes Disease :( ). She uses Advantix - lasts for 3 months and she says it's very successful.

Interestingly my Vet has stopped recommending Frontline as a deterrent for ticks as it is becoming less effective.
- By saxonjus Date 17.05.17 20:28 GMT
My vet advised the same last year and advised us to try Advantage. ..Not heard of Advantix before... Bloomin ticks seem to enjoy cocker coats. Weirdly never had one with the labrador. Same woods/fields we walk.
- By Tectona [gb] Date 18.05.17 08:43 GMT
My vet advised the same last year and advised us to try Advantage.

I don't think Advantage covers ticks.
- By onetwothreefour Date 18.05.17 15:23 GMT
Advantage does not cover ticks. 

Advantix does.  The clue's in the name....
- By JoFlatcoat (Moderator) [gb] Date 19.05.17 16:35 GMT
Our vet prescribed Bravecto for our gang last November.   Never ever again.   We had reactions in 6 dogs out of 11.   There is no known antidote, it is a pesticide which stays in the system for 3+ months.      We lost one of our older dogs, as after having it he lost his appetite for 5 weeks, and he never picked up.    Another younger bitch lost her appetite aswell for 5 weeks, luckily she picked up.  Had bloody stools and inco-ordination in others.

If you reckon it's imperative to use this pesticde because of your particular situation, do ask you vet to do a full blood profile just before, to check for any underlying medical condition, forvery obvious reasons.

- By bestdogs Date 19.05.17 18:30 GMT Upvotes 1
I am on my second season of using a herbal mixture from Holistic Hounds.  So far again this year no ticks and I live on Exmoor. I will not risk any of the chemical deterrents after reactions  from both Advantix and previously Advantage. Found Frontline useless. I see no point in using a chemical which allows them to latch on. May as well check and remove without subjecting their systems to it. I have no connection to the above.
- By chaumsong Date 20.05.17 16:54 GMT Upvotes 1

> We had reactions in 6 dogs out of 11

I'd be concerned that something else was going on with your dogs that coincided with the bravecto treatment. As serious reactions have been reported in less than 0.01%, or less than 1 in 10,000 doses you are very very unlucky indeed to have them in 6 out of 11 dogs. Either that or maybe there is some genetic problem in flatcoats that is yet undiagnosed, something like MDR1 affected dogs being sensitive to ivermectin?

The facts about bravecto.
- By Tommee Date 20.05.17 19:31 GMT Upvotes 1
One of the listed contraindications listed on the information sheet from the manufacturers is epilepsy :eek:

One case caused is one case too many.

The "facts" about Bravecto is from the manufacturers
- By chaumsong Date 20.05.17 22:01 GMT Upvotes 1
one of the listed side effects of paracetamol is Lyell's syndrome, (a rare, potentially life-threatening mucocutaneous disease), doesn't stop me taking them as the risk is so very tiny - less than 0.01% :grin:
- By Tommee Date 21.05.17 00:14 GMT
You can decide on your own health risks.
The risk of a dog developing seizures because of you giving it a toxic chemical is higher than 0.01%.

I wonder if you would say the same if a child was involved ?
- By saxonjus Date 21.05.17 16:28 GMT

Is this a common reaction? I've not used Bravecto heard a lot about it here and other forums.... I'm unsure what to try this year re ticks.Not found one of the little blighters yet but it's that time of year. My goy's skin condition just started again with milder weather and not wanting to upset his skin/coat.... Just had 30 more tablets off vet and starting piraton dose again....
If I ask for Brave to will a vet do a blood profile as standard?
- By onetwothreefour Date 21.05.17 19:30 GMT Upvotes 1
I've given Bravecto to one of mine about 3 times now, no side effects whatsoever and no ticks or fleas for a good 6 months. 

I don't like using any chemicals but if I do have to use them, I don't want to use collars or spot-ons which affect everyone in the house - humans included - and are toxic for aquatic organisms.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 22.05.17 08:15 GMT
Advantage only covers fleas, that's why it's so cheap.
- By magnificent-pup [ph] Date 23.05.17 01:36 GMT
I hope this one helps...
- By magnificent-pup [ph] Date 01.06.17 05:49 GMT Edited 01.06.17 05:52 GMT
Two of the effective treatments that we have tried with our dogs are the Frontline and the chewable tablet oral medication of NexGard. So far, both are safe and effective.

- By Wait Ok [gb] Date 01.06.17 09:06 GMT
Frontline spray works perfectly well for our lot (prescription) only, not over the counter product!
We have Spaniels, always in the bracken and long grass and loads of deer, foxes and badgers about too.
If we do find a tick attached my husband removes it (which is better than having to put more chemicals on their skin too often)
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