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- By dakota [ie] Date 01.05.17 20:48 GMT
We are told numbers are falling why could that be.
Exhibitors  pay their  money to enter shows looking
For the judges opinion. When you are told an exhibitor collected judges from airport , socialised the night before judgeing would this seem to be unfair, what are people's thoughts !!! Disillusioned
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 01.05.17 21:12 GMT
I don't show but it's the same in all walks of life - it's not necessarily what you know...  On the other hand, showing is quite a small world and why shouldn't old friends catch up? You have to depend on the individual judges integrity - and preferences
- By Goldmali Date 01.05.17 21:47 GMT Upvotes 1
I don't think that little of judges. Why would being collected from the airport and socialising automatically mean the reason the judge placed their dogs was not the simplest one -that they were the best?
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 02.05.17 05:49 GMT Edited 02.05.17 05:52 GMT Upvotes 4

> Exhibitors  pay their  money to enter shows looking For the judges opinion.

This is not the only reason. Providing the exhibitors are genuinely interested/involved in the breed, they pay money to enter shows so that they can show their dog to other exhibitors/breed enthusiasts/spectators, and see other dogs that are being shown. That is why a show is called a "show", and not just an "examination" - while the judge is looking at your dog and forming his opinion, there are people around the ring that are also looking at your dog and forming their opinion. Plus of course at shows there is an opportunity to meet people within the breed, talk to them, learn, improve, and so on.  

> Disillusioned

Life isn't always fair, but this rarely is a good reason to commit suicide!:grin: Because the converse is also true, life isn't always unfair. If you have a good dog that is better than the rest in the ring, you will win under knowledgeable and fair judges. If you have an exceptionally good dog that is way better than the rest in the ring, you will win under knowledgeable and unfair judges (because you will leave them with no option but to put you up). And of course there are judges that are neither of the above, that have no difficulty calling a black white, those should not be entered under.

Another aspect of showing that will bring satisfaction and will give you an edge in the ring, is training both yourself (your skills of handling) and your dog. Do you feel you have achieved everything in this regard; that you are able to consistently showcase the best of your dog in that 2 minutes you both are in the ring; that there is no room for improvement?

Underlying all this is the process of gaining the knowledge, that is learning your breed through and through, in effect becoming a judge yourself, which in addition to immense satisfaction will enable you to actually tell the difference between good dogs, exceptionally good dogs and poor ones, and in turn, the difference between good and bad judges; will enable you to see the advantages and disadvantages of your own dog so that you can showcase the former and avoid drawing attention to the latter, and so on.

The above is still not all that showing can be about, its biggest part, its raison d'ĂȘtre in fact, that brings with it a wealth of exciting adventures, is striving to actually produce that exceptionally good dog.... Disillusioned? How could you be with an activity that is so interesting and multifaceted?
- By MamaBas Date 03.05.17 10:22 GMT
Ideally if that person was showing under that judge, she/he should have had somebody else meet and greet!   But it happens and at the end of the day, the judge shouldn't have been unduly influenced (hah).   In an ideal world favouring that person shouldn't happen, but it could cause some pointed fingers - it can get rough in the show scene!!    Mind you in the UK, with mainly breeder-judges, everybody KNOWS everybody in any case.

I'll tell you a story about something that unintentionally (honestly) happened to me at one of the BHCC Specialty shows (Canada).   I was walking, with my entry, and was approached by somebody who asked me where the Basset ring was.   I told him and then realised he was THE JUDGE!   I doubt he actually looked at my bitch but even so he gave her BOS at the show later on!   Hum.   I just hoped nobody had seen me talking to him beforehand. :red:
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 03.05.17 11:03 GMT
Dog shows are generally run by the same people who show and breed dogs so it's inevitable that most of the people involved will know a proportion of judges and if someone has to fetch a judge then it's very likely to be someone who knows them. Also lots of judges both show and judge so they are even more involved, after all you would not want someone who has never had an interest in the breed to judge them in a breed class.  My own experience as a "non-face" competitor has been overall very fair and my dog has done well under lots of different judges which I attribute to his quality, nothing to do with me.  There is a certain amount of friend judging but the only thing that gets me cross is not judging to the breed standard in a way that is obvious to the onlookers but then the knowledgable ringside audience make up their own minds.  Don't be disheartened, just keep your opinions to yourself when competing, smile and move on.
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