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- By Lynneb [gb] Date 29.04.17 11:46 GMT
Can anyone recommend a coat to keep my cocker's coat smooth before going in the ring. I have been on Dry dog coat's website but refuse to be ripped off by paying £10.50 postage because I live in Scotland.

I have just posted my clippers and blades to Surrey  for service and it cost £3.40 so a light coat will probably fit in a large envelope.
- By rachelsetters Date 30.04.17 07:39 GMT Upvotes 1
Are you on Facebook try Flash Dog Coats
Use on our Gordons and love !
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 30.04.17 08:45 GMT
we have one of the flash dog coats for my fcr , works wonders on a very wayward coat.
It will fit in a a4 envelope or slightly smaller
- By Lynneb [gb] Date 30.04.17 16:28 GMT
thanks guys
Up Topic Dog Boards / Showing / Show dog coats

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