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- By kenzi [gb] Date 28.04.17 20:35 GMT
A year ago my then 2 year old cocker suddenly started holding her head to the side,her left eye seemed to have drooped and if she leaned to one side she would fall over.After many tests ( including her ears) vets were baffled and gradually she returned to normal although her left eye still slightly droopy.Today she suddenly starting staggering,couldnt walk properly was shaking and falling over and was really struggling to breath.i rushed her to the vets where they found her temp to be quite high but heart normal.they took bloods and i will get results next week and if they fail to come up with anything they are doing a ct scan.The episode she had lasted about 5-10 minutes then she was back to normal,eating and drinking well too.Has anyone else experienced this and any ideas as to what this could be? I got her when she was 6 months old and had to take her to vet straight away because she constantly made a strange choking sound and has always had a very horse bark,im not sure if any of this is connected,any advice appreciated.x
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 29.04.17 09:40 GMT
Did they consider vestibular disease ? Usually they have nystagmus but not always and lengthof recovery can vary to weeks . Cause can be unknown l,viral or bacterial as well other more serious conditions but more often one of.the first 3 With regard to the hoarse bark etc was Larageal paralysis considered? Does she have an panting at times u wouldn't expect which is another symptom.
She is quite young for these but worth checking if the vet isn't sure what's happening .I have a dog with both conditions so have has to learn quite a bit in a relatively short time
- By kenzi [gb] Date 29.04.17 14:42 GMT
she doesnt really pant a lot and her eyes werent affected.It was so quick just 5 minutes then back to normal.She hadnt been in the garden long but before that my dogs hadnt been allowed in the garden for the previous month due to having grass seeds down and im wondering if the gardener had put something on the grass seeds that may have affected her?
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 29.04.17 15:01 GMT
Doesn't sound like Pvd that usually lasts .
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