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- By CaroleC [gb] Date 26.04.17 14:33 GMT Edited 27.04.17 07:08 GMT
The KC announced a new 7 stage judging progression scheme at 11am. today. Any thoughts?
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 27.04.17 07:09 GMT
KC - Changes To The Way Judges Are Educated, Approved And Listed
- By nursey Date 27.04.17 07:52 GMT Upvotes 1
I've been involved with my breed for 44 years but only recently summoned the confidence to go on the breed clubs C list. I've passed all the KC seminars and also passed 2 Breed specific assessments and done stewarding, grooming and handling seminars. Having left it so late, I've never harboured the ambition to give "tickets" in my band E breed so although I cannot deny that these changes and initiatives are very good thing, I think this is where I bow out of judging. I just feel that the all rounders will thrive in the same way they always have and the minions like me have all the obsticals to overcome. I won't be coughing up the £26 to put myself on the KC judging list, therefor I'm out! Probably......
- By biffsmum [gb] Date 27.04.17 10:19 GMT Upvotes 1
Not a judge but am interested in how the KC are expecting breed clubs to provide mentors for new's hard enough to get people to serve on committees, will be interesting to see how easy it is to get breed mentors..
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