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Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / Thornit - Expiry date?
- By Blay [us] Date 26.04.17 11:03 GMT
Hi - does anyone know if the effectiveness of Thornit ever expires?

It has occurred to me that, as I use only the tiniest pinch at a time, a bottle would not run out for years by which time it might not work so well!

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

- By Lacy Date 26.04.17 22:05 GMT Upvotes 1
Still using mine & it must be 9 years old!!
- By Blay [us] Date 26.04.17 22:56 GMT
Ha, ha - thanks Lacy.  Yes, I think mine is almost as ancient as yours.  Still seems to work so perhaps it does live forever!
Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / Thornit - Expiry date?

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