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Up Topic Dog Boards / General / imported dog has wrong details on chip
- By kenzi [gb] Date 25.04.17 18:51 GMT
I recently moved house and i lost my imported dogs pedigree papers etc.I called the kc overseas and they asked for her microchip number whch i had only to be told it wasnt in my name,it was in the name of the lady who bought her brother( i know her and have informed her).i then looked at her passport but my name isnt even on it,in hindsight i shouldve checked that but have never needed it.Havng no proof she is mine i contacted her breeder who took down my new address and number and said she would get back to me but she hasnt.Any ideas what to do? need my girls replacement pedigree papers but also need to change the details to mine on her microchip. x
- By suejaw Date 25.04.17 18:53 GMT
Can you get the lady with the brother to change details over to you? Pay her if there is a charge?
- By Tommee Date 25.04.17 19:06 GMT
Is your bitches chip registered in the UK?

Her passport won't have your name on it Does it have the breeders details on it?

My dog from Ireland had the Irish people's name on it & I registered the chip with Petlog(foreign chip form can be downloaded from petlog site)

I would advise that you get the chip read to ensure you have the same number as the one on the passport. Then fill in the form with the passport number etc send it off to Petlog & pay them the £16.

Doesn't matter whose name the chip is registered in abroad as long as Petlog have it registeted to you.

If the owner of the brother transfers the number to you they are committing a fraudulent act as they have never been the keeper of your bitch
- By kenzi [gb] Date 25.04.17 19:19 GMT
My girl is from france,when i contacted them to get a replacement pedigree they asked for her chip number but as soon as the wrong name came up they wouldnt let me have them.if i contact the chip company and change the details to my own,when the french kc look it up will my name then come up or will they have the other ladys details logged anyway?
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 26.04.17 10:51 GMT
My Pap and his brother had their Petlog chip numbers mixed up. It could only be sorted by their breeder, which it was., thankfully.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 27.04.17 07:00 GMT
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Maureen Wood says:  In France the new owner would get there vet to change the details as a puppy, an older dog can be done via the certificate of identification, which is filled in with the new owners details, last time I did it, it cost 3€
Up Topic Dog Boards / General / imported dog has wrong details on chip

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