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- By snowflake [gb] Date 25.04.17 13:57 GMT
Hi All

Can anyone explain to me what this means in the showing world?  We are hoping to take young Otto who is four and a half months now (Mini Schnauzer) to the South of England Agricultural Society Dog Show which is a 2 day open show.  I want to take a look at how other M. Schnauzer puppies are presented as we have entered him for his first show in June.  We thought it would be good for Otto to experience the hustle and bustle of a show (not that he is backward in coming forward!).  Reading the Schedule which they gave me at ringcraft for this show I see there is something about a fee of £1.50 for Not for Competition dogs.  Does this mean one can't just turn up to watch proceedings with a dog? Or does it have a different meaning?

Would be grateful for advice.
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 25.04.17 14:30 GMT
You can enter any registered dog over the age of four months, Not for Competition. You should give all the same details on the entry form, as if you were entering a class. Usually, your names and his details will then be included in the catalogue. I do this when taking my Activity registered dog to a breed show with my show bitch. You do not get a free pass for doing this. You can usually pre-order cheaper admission tickets on the same form.
Strictly speaking, at an agricultural show, the dog show is a self contained event and KC rules do still apply, but in practice, you will often find a multitude of dogs will just be allowed in as casual spectators.
- By rachelsetters Date 25.04.17 15:07 GMT Upvotes 1
Entries for this show closed on 30th March but...

You can enter the show as part of the agricultural show / member of the public - not sure what the cost is per adult/child? But pet dogs are welcome as part of this at no cost.  The show is accessible by members of the public to watch with their dogs.

Schnauzers are on day 1 the Sunday.

Hope that helps.
- By MamaBas Date 25.04.17 16:22 GMT Edited 25.04.17 16:30 GMT
Clearly things have changed since 'my day' but Not for Competition basically means just that - and is a means of taking a dog to the show with others who are entered for competition, rather than leaving them at home.   I thought, however, that 6 months was the youngest age a dog could be entered, for anything?   An Open show is different to a Champ show however in terms of rules and regs.   Champ shows used to have a tent specially for NFC dogs to be benched in, rather than them being allowed at the ring.      I never used this option, preferring to have my neighbour look after those at home.  

Again even at Open shows attached to Agricultural Shows, the Dog Section was separate from the main show and the general public were not allowed in unless they paid and rarely with pets who weren't entered.

From this show entry form -

Not for Competition:
£1.50 per dog
(over 6 months of age)
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 25.04.17 17:19 GMT
You could be right about the 6 months. NFC at Champ. shows. It is 4 months for Obedience NFC though.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 25.04.17 18:05 GMT
Usually at Champ shows dogs entered NFC get benched beside their owner's entered dogs. Spectator dogs are different and can turn up on the day (rather than be entered as NFC in advance) but don't get a bench. It'd be worth ringing the secretary for clarification.
- By suejaw Date 25.04.17 18:20 GMT
Snowflake - as rachelsetters has said. You don't need to enter at this shoe as it's open to the public but you will need to pay entry into the show as members of the public. If you go I'll be there as well

ETA, the public walk around the dog show which is open to all to watch
- By rachelsetters Date 25.04.17 18:59 GMT
This is an agricultural show where the general public can enter with dogs so no need enter NFC

We go to this show and it is pretty in the thick of things so unlikely to get other dogs kicked out
- By Goldmali Date 25.04.17 20:13 GMT Upvotes 1
Breed shows and sub group shows are allowed NFC from 4 months and have been for a few years, and I have a feeling that general shows may be allowed to accept that as well now. (Just checked Leeds schedule and there it says "dogs over 4 months".)
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 25.04.17 22:09 GMT
I am now wondering why I, or anyone else, continues to put in NFC entries at Agricultural shows. It used to help an aspiring judge's totals, but these days they have to actually have hands on the dogs for it to count. Under the F regs. it should grant access to the environs of the (dog section) show - often just a patch of grass, where we could have a couple of unregistered Jack Russell's as neighbours.
So as the OP asks, why enter Not for Competition?
- By MamaBas Date 26.04.17 07:11 GMT

> This is an agricultural show where the general public can enter with dogs so no need enter NFC <br />

So why is NFC and fee listed on the current entry form for this particular show?  Probably a form they've had for years, and not bothered to amend?
- By rachelsetters Date 26.04.17 08:22 GMT
Perhaps - but also just probably officially people should but policing the unentered dogs that are visiting the agricultural show IMPOSSIBLE :)

They really couldn't exclude the pet dogs visiting the 'dog show' really - it's too accessible !
- By rachelsetters Date 26.04.17 08:25 GMT

> I am now wondering why I, or anyone else, continues to put in NFC entries at Agricultural shows. It used to help an aspiring judge's totals,

Does/Did NFC help a judge's total? never knew that!

Perhaps some agricultural shows have the shows quite separate so harder to squeeze an unentered dog in - it is only I know the venue and the show that I know it couldn't be policed unentered dogs at the show - the pet dogs will be thick and everywhere and no way could they understand who is entered and who is not or even exclude from the dog show if they were wandering around!
- By MamaBas Date 26.04.17 09:39 GMT

> Does/Did NFC help a judge's total? never knew that!

.... because it doesn't (or again because I've been out of the scene for years now - didn't :razz:)

Again all the Open shows attached to an Agricultural Show I used to enter had the Dog Show in a separate area, fenced off with an entrance!!   I personally wouldn't like Joe and his pet dog standing around a ring, making access to those who are showing, difficult??

I'd urge anybody who wants to go watch, for whatever reason, to go WITHOUT THEIR DOG.
- By rachelsetters Date 26.04.17 10:34 GMT

> I'd urge anybody who wants to go watch, for whatever reason, to go WITHOUT THEIR DOG

Guess we are all different - doesn't bother me there is usually enough dogs ringside anyway - honestly it has never been an issue at this show - we have plenty of room. People don't crowd round getting in the way - many people aren't that interested in the dog showing bit really - so it will only be people who have an interest so they are more than welcome :)

Maybe other shows different but personal experience at this show - it isn't a big deal
- By snowflake [gb] Date 26.04.17 13:30 GMT
Thank you all for your comments.  Actually on the show's website it does state that all dogs are welcome on leads so really the NFC entry seems a bit superfluous!!
- By suejaw Date 26.04.17 13:38 GMT
Like Rachel I've been to this show many times and it's my local showground for open shows. This open show is part of the spring fair and it's not cordoned off to the public. The public move around the rings with exhibitors and cam sit and watch and the large number of pet dogs  are there too in their abundance. So in this instance for this show there is no need for NFC.  The only way it may have benefited and not checked the schedule is if you enter NFC and get 2 passes In which would make it cheaper than paying general admission on the gate.
- By suejaw Date 26.04.17 13:40 GMT
Just checked schedule and if you only enter a dog for NFC you don't get the passes.
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