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- By snowflake [gb] Date 23.04.17 08:51 GMT

My mini schnauzer is 4 months old now and beginning to look like a little dog!  He is continually rolling around and play fighting with the other dogs so needs fairly frequent bathing.  I was looking at the label on the  Pets at Home puppy shampoo I bought and it is full of dire warnings especially about not getting the shampoo in eyes etc  etc.  As Otto's breed needs facial washing, beard, eyebrows etc I think I need a shampoo that does not sting eyes.  Could anyone recommend any products please?
- By poodlenoodle Date 23.04.17 08:57 GMT
I wash my standard poodle's face to keep his topknot silky and make shaving his face more comfy (clean hair clips easiest) and I used human baby shampoo "no tears" formula when he was small. He has a black face so I was only looking for cleaning, not stain removal. Now he's bigger I just use diluted dog shampoo and am careful.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Showing / Puppy Shampoo

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