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- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 18.04.17 07:12 GMT
Hi i am new here i am hoping to get lots of advice on here. We are looking to get a Staffy puppy in the near future any advice or information would be appreciated.
We are in Scotland
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 18.04.17 10:41 GMT
Welcome to the forum :grin: We have a number of staffy owning members and I am sure they will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 18.04.17 11:09 GMT Upvotes 1
first place I would look is the breed clubs and maybe got to some shows to get an idea of what is around and also some of the good breeders .
if you go to the breeder section here there are links to clubs
- By JeanSW Date 18.04.17 13:41 GMT
Welcome  :grin:
- By ali-t [gb] Date 18.04.17 20:51 GMT
Definitely visit some shows to see what kind of staffys you like.  Its also a good place to meet breeders and hear about litters.  SKC is on in Edinburgh soon - total doggy heaven!  Whereabouts are you in Scotland?
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 18.04.17 21:51 GMT
Thanks for the reply im up in Peterhead near Aberdeen ☺
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 18.04.17 21:51 GMT
Thank you ai will do
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 18.04.17 21:52 GMT
Thank you
- By ali-t [gb] Date 19.04.17 12:26 GMT
Is Edinburgh too far for you to go for a day out?

There are lots of shows on print matters so you can find some close to you that will have staffies and get to see lines that you like and check out for health testing etc.

There are more here but these as right across the UK

There are so many badly bred staffs out there that you really need to do your research.  They are a lovely breed and give great cuddles and smiles.
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 19.04.17 21:12 GMT
Thanks for the reply ☺ i will look into the links you sent could i ask how much should i be paying for a puppy?
- By ali-t [gb] Date 20.04.17 12:45 GMT
I don't know how much staffy pups are going for these days.  Higher price isn't always better though as people what 'rare' tags on non standard colours and bump the price up for unsuspecting punters.  15 years ago I paid £450 for a staffy which seemed to be the going rate at the time but my current breed costs more than double that now.
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 20.04.17 12:59 GMT
Ok thanks for your answer we have been looking at adverts for puppies which there are hundreds of, but have seen lots of people advising against buying from these ads. Surely some of them are legit? No offence to anybody by the way
- By nesstaffy [gb] Date 20.04.17 22:30 GMT
A well bred Stafford would be from £600/ £900
- By nesstaffy [gb] Date 20.04.17 22:35 GMT Upvotes 1
As long as the breeders do health tests L2- HGA , HC  hereditary clear by parents and that they have PHPV/PPSC annual check before mating and pups are litter screened before leaving breeder. Always check breed clubs they will have litters from show stock. And visitor some shows and talk to people after they have shown there dogs. Good luck
- By poodlenoodle Date 21.04.17 18:25 GMT
Yes, some very good breeders will advertise in multiple places, including these sites. Just as some dubious breeders will advertise on champdogs or the kc listings. The best thing to do is find out what you want and then quiz potential breeders to see if they're of the same mindset. A decent breeder who cares about their pups won't be offended by polite questioning and in fact many will take it as a good sign that you've thought about things.

For example I wanted to know, when searching for a puppy, that the parent dogs had outgoing, friendly temperaments and that the puppies would be brought up inside a home (many are raised in stables/kennels) and would be purposely introduced to the full range of domestic appliances and sounds AND ESPECIALLY in our case that the puppy we took had be introduced to babies, toddlers, children and teenagers and was not phased by any. It took me fifteen months in total but we got the perfect dog.
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 21.04.17 20:19 GMT
Thanks for the reply and advice I will keep it all in mind cheers
- By Mutch44 [gb] Date 21.04.17 20:22 GMT
Thanks for the reply I will keep looking and ask lots of questions lol I just thought that with the amount of adverts that there had to be genuine ones out there  thanks again
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