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Up Topic Dog Boards / Behaviour / 8 week old puppy being aggressive?
- By Abbyparker12 [gb] Date 16.04.17 19:12 GMT
Hi sorry to post here I'm a newly user of the site so not sure if I'm posting a comment in the right place I have 3 '8 week old puppies 2 girls one boy. To days ago I noticed one of the girls wher being really spiteful towards the boy thers no size difference but she was being aggressive I stopped it and she seemed fine . Then yesterday after feeding them and putting them in ther bed I walked out so I could get mummy dogs food and the girl had attacked the boy so that he was laying on the floor and he seemed really unwell she had bitten him through the side and seems as if she's scrapped he's skin! Also he's leg is sore as he's limping I split them up and made him a bed on he's own and sat with him all night ther mum wouldn't leave him she stayed with him and left the other to pups . Of course I called the vet and he's been checked all over and they said thers no serious injury he was just in a state of shock that he was frightened! Iv never had this problem before ' how should I deal with this should I keep him away from her ? Should I take the other puppie away from her to?
She gets along fine with the other girl.
He's being cared for properly and is eating and drinking fine
Hope someone can give me a little advise about this aggression
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 16.04.17 19:19 GMT
I think it can be quite natural in a litter of puppies. Mine (terriers) started scrapping at 4 weeks, their mom would intervene if one pup was tough on another (basically once she hears the other screaming :smile: ) When they are 8-10 weeks old they need to be under constant supervision or separated if left alone. Then gradually teach manners.
- By JeanSW Date 16.04.17 19:47 GMT
I don't see this as aggression.  It is normal puppy learning behaviour.  If she takes things too far I would expect the dam to put her in her place.  It is what my bitches do.  Sometimes it sounds horrific, but it is normal behaviour.  Is mum also play fighting with the pups?
- By MamaBas Date 17.04.17 07:42 GMT
Thank goodness we did Bassets!!   Yes they'd 'scrap' but never to the point of doing injury or causing shock!
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 17.04.17 08:26 GMT Edited 17.04.17 08:28 GMT
I expect quite a few breeds are like bassets! Not terriers though.... From 8 weeks begins the dangerous time, where during scraps the litter can easily turn on one pup and do serious damage. So they have to be watched or else separated in pairs ideally boy/girl if not then according to temperament. :smile:
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 17.04.17 09:21 GMT
I think it's pretty normal in some breeds, in my experience my GSD's argued but never seriously, the whippets never argued and the terriers fought and drew blood to the extent that we had to separate the puppies from each other, they grew up to be lovely sociable dogs but as puppies they were nightmares.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Behaviour / 8 week old puppy being aggressive?

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