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- By Aishalton [ie] Date 13.04.17 18:37 GMT
Hi Guys, I Showed my mini poodle at crufts this year and he placed in his class:eek:, i am just wondering where do i find critique from the judge? can i find it online somewhere?? Thanks Xx
- By JoStockbridge [gb] Date 14.04.17 00:41 GMT
it will appear in the dog papers (or the websites), dog world or our dogs
- By Lexy [gb] Date 14.04.17 12:07 GMT
Yes in the weekly papers called Dog World & Our Dogs. You will need to be a subscriber to see online. You can buy single copies & the Toy & Miniature Poodle critiques are in this weeks(14th April) Our Dogs. Here is the link to a single copy (or a years subscription)
- By Aishalton [ie] Date 14.04.17 17:38 GMT
brillant thanks guys, will have a look now :grin:
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