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- By Max Stewart [gb] Date 12.04.17 10:30 GMT
Hello, we have a 1 year old border terrier, Alfie. Our boy was raw fed from puppy to 10 months old when he became quite ill. It took just over 3 weeks of a boiled chicken diet before he picked up. We have tried him back on raw but he walks away and will not eat anything at all.  We tried him on Acana which he loved but it gave him terrible sloppy poos and awful smelly wind. I put him back on chicken but added rice - same sloppy poos, took rice away and his tummy settled. I began to think he as intolerant to grains so set out looking for a grain free alternative. We tried Wainwrights grain free kibble - dog quite skinny. Tried the wet food alternative, he swallows this down and loves it but he poos at least 8 times a day and the poos are quite light brown coloured ( sorry ). It's as if the food isn't in him long enough for his body to absorb any goodness. Today so far he has been 6 times and it's only 11:30am. We really need some advice please and hope someone can help. Our last dog was a westie, fed JWB kibble all his life with a pouch of their wet food at tea time - no problems. I don't mind whether it's kibble or wet or a mix of both. Thank you
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 12.04.17 10:47 GMT Upvotes 2
Welcome to the forum Max :grin: Can I ask you how long you try him on each new food? It's hard to gauge a time scale from your post, but it sounds like you are blitzing him with different foods and not allowing time for his body to adjust to the new food. I think I would take a step back and pick a food and introduce it gradually over a week to 10 days. Then once he has been on it for a couple of weeks - reassess. This will give him time to adjust to the new food slowly.
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 12.04.17 11:18 GMT
If you find he is rice intolerant there a a number of foods now with potato & *** whatever fish/meat, as Admin said don't rush the change but it may be an alternative to consider.
- By MamaBas Date 12.04.17 12:28 GMT
My boy who came to us suffering from Giardia which even after cleared, left him with a situation where he'd be firm first thing, but far from that by the end of the day.   Finally having used a home-made fish and potato diet, I put him onto Arden Grange Sensitive (fish and potato) which was more convenient to use, and has kept him stable re pooh quality, for years now.  This, or other brands that provide the same diet (fish and potato) might be worth trying - but don't chop and change!!
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 12.04.17 12:42 GMT
This site may be helpful.
- By Max Stewart [gb] Date 13.04.17 07:27 GMT
I have kept Alfie on any new food for about 4 weeks and gradually changed over from old diet to new. Alfie never seems satisfied with his food, constantly hungry and always looking for something to eat. When we took him to the vets they advised us to give him slightly more food so that he would be more satisfied and hopefully put some weight on, it hasn't made any difference at all.  The constant pooing and smelly gas are not pleasant to live with. Apart from the diet Alfie is a lively, loving little border but I just wish I could find some food to help him feel more  settled and with less stomach problems
- By colliepam [gb] Date 16.04.17 19:08 GMT
hi max,im sorry to hear youre having problems with alfies diet,it was interesting to hear he was ok on cooked chicken-if i read this right?would it be possible to keep him on this for a month or two,and then maybe try tiny amounts of other foods once hes settled?im  a raw feeder myself but am happy to see it doesnt suit everybody you must be at your wits end,i really hope you sort it soon,love,pam x
- By Max Stewart [gb] Date 07.06.17 07:23 GMT
Hello everyone - just an update on Alfie's feeding problems. We have finally find a food that suits him. We are now feeding Burns dry food and Alfie has taken to it really well, he has put weight on at long last and he isn't pooing 15 times a day. We gave him the fish and rice flavour for the first few weeks and now also give him the chicken and rice.
I know if he has eaten something he shouldn't have as he immediately gets awful runs. Fingers crossed that he remains well on this food. Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice.
- By MamaBas Date 07.06.17 09:01 GMT
It's interesting, and good for you, that Alfie is gaining weight on Burns.  All too often I read that dogs on this have the opposite result but that just goes to show that not all food suits all dogs!!
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