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- By cmmackie [gb] Date 10.04.17 20:45 GMT Edited 12.04.17 11:08 GMT
Looking for puppies in the near future with a similar pedigree to our current 10 year old black Labrador who has a fantastic temperament and build.

Nethermuir Storm
Kennel - Kinisle

Planxty Cardubh
- By Brainless [gb] Date 14.04.17 10:43 GMT
If you register with MYKC at the kennel club you will be able to view the dogs details see what offspring they had and if they had offspring etc.

Your dogs breeder may also still be breeding from littermates, or their offspring, ditto studs owner, or know of related dogs that have been bred from.
- By BusyDoggs [gb] Date 14.04.17 12:36 GMT
its a real mix of lines - mainly what I assume to be pet dogs but they go back to some known lines, this kennel has some dogs with ancestry in common
also these

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