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- By colliepam [gb] Date 10.04.17 20:40 GMT
hi,,any raw feeders?just wondered if you could advise me please?i usually feed a good mix of minces,chunks,fish,eggs,tinned pilchards,bones,and ive just ordered some chicken mince from they love it-its brilliant stuff,good and chunky mince,price good,no minimum delivery,ideal for a person on a low budget.just  a bit worried about the high bone content-anyone else feed this?anyone feed JUST this?or is it better to put tripe
and/or offal in as well? thankyou,pam x
- By Tectona [gb] Date 10.04.17 21:36 GMT
You should be aiming for a diet which is 80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% offal of which 5% is liver. Chicken mince is usually carcass mince, which is why the bone content is so high. By feeding it you are not feeding a balanced diet. A variety of protein sources is recommended, but you should Up the muscle meat and include offal :smile:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 11.04.17 08:34 GMT
If your dogs are finding it high in bone or you know it is above what you expect them to have as is often the case if it's minced carcass (40% is average) then add some boneless meat .Tripe is fine
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 11.04.17 09:24 GMT
Undeniably low budget is a difficulty, however dogs are our family members - to me, they are no different than kids. And as with kids I care so much about what they eat, not simply the variety and nutrients but also where does that food come from and what else, in addition to nutrients, may it contain.

Cheap chicken is a worry to me straight away, where does it come from, what has it been fed, has it been stuffed with chemicals and antibiotics, to make it so cheap... Stuff like that. To be honest I wouldn't buy cheap chicken in a supermarket because of this, even though it has been approved for humans. This is one food that we do aim to buy organic only, and it is possible to get organic carcasses, mince, and necks and wings from farms and even pet shops.
- By colliepam [gb] Date 11.04.17 10:46 GMT Upvotes 1
thankyou,i suspected as an only source it would be too high in bone content,i will just use it as part of the diet then x
- By colliepam [gb] Date 11.04.17 10:54 GMT
thanks Chris,you wouldnt think id been raw feeding for years-i never stop worrying!ive never used this as a sole food,because of the bone content,i use a few different suppliers but some are just out of my pocket,great as they sound.the order will be coming soon,luckily i have some other meats left in their freezer!
- By colliepam [gb] Date 11.04.17 11:04 GMT Upvotes 1
i understand what youre saying,monkeyj,and i agree dogs are our children-especially so when our human ones are grown up and left home.ive heard cheap chicken is not good,before,its a problem when you want the best there is for your dogs,but finances dont allow you to buy it.i will have a look online and see if i can source any organic chicken locally,although i fear the best i,ll find will be "for human consumption! thankyou  x
- By jameswhitehouse [gb] Date 11.04.17 11:26 GMT
Hi colliepam, first post on the forum but I read this thread with interest. Just one small point that I wouldn't say that you necessarily need to find organic chicken. High welfare, good quality muscle meat will do a great job. Even if it's not organic.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 11.04.17 11:49 GMT
Daf will most likely be you cheapest supplier but wont give you organic I am afraid. Mine don't get organic anything either.unless there is areal good deal at the supermarket then it has to be frozen for at least a week before feeding.
  I cant feed high bone in one meal and then boneless in another. I have to add bony and boneless together to bring down the bone content. bit like making up orange squash :)
Whispa at 10 now needs less than 10%  so he often gets 10% then then next day a full boneless meal

Lots of poo watching too ! :)
- By Merrypaws [gb] Date 11.04.17 13:25 GMT
You can get organic chicken carcase (minced) from, either on its own or in combination with other meats.  (They sell other raw meats and treats for dogs, too :lol: .)
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 11.04.17 13:32 GMT Edited 11.04.17 13:37 GMT Upvotes 1

> its a problem when you want the best there is for your dogs,but finances dont allow you to buy it.

That's where varied diet can be good I think. Personally there is nothing wrong with feeding grain in addition to meat, bone and offal, plus vegetables, plug veggie oils such as coconut or olive. Sweet potatoes is another great food. Kefir - nutritious and so easy to make at home. Fruits are regularly on discount in supermarkets, as are veggies. All these foods are good quality and are much less expensive than good quality meat, making it more economical to feed raw. Call them fillers if you like, however I personally believe that they have nutrients and elements that can be very beneficial to our dogs' health. In any case I can't help but think it would be way healthier to feed the dog half-a-cup of cooked organic grain, mixed with half-a-cup of good quality meat, topped with a bit of good bone, offal and veg and oil - than to feed a full cup of poor quality meat/bone/offal and nothing else.

There are of course circumstances where dogs must eat grain-free because of allergies etc, but these are nowhere near as common as some appear to suggest (e.g. some appear to almost say that whenever you feed grains to your dog it WILL get allergies. Not true of course, and never has been.)
- By georgepig [gb] Date 12.04.17 10:13 GMT
I think their minced chicken carcass are around 15% bone.
- By Silverfox [au] Date 12.04.17 13:39 GMT
Hi I have been looking into the raw diet but its quite confusing with so much conflicting advice and different suppliers, I have been looking at Natures menu but is it as good as the label says? Has anyone seen an independent review for raw diet suppliers?
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 12.04.17 16:45 GMT
There has been the odd one but they are hard to find asit takes money and no one wants to sponsor it. If u have fb I would join barf UK as there has been a lot of work done based on which companies actually offer a true 80 10 5 5 complete if that's why u are looking for. Both with and without veg ( that's personal preference) i use the dogs butcher for all .One as i know that was in the completes is what it says in the label and many arnt. Also the meat is ethically‚Äč obtained and some is free range .The variety is massive and also good for diy which i often do. Worth joining the group as there is a lot of experience on there who will help and be able to back up what they are saying .If course i am assuming u have fb sorry .a lot of the companies arnt true completes or add things like rice which isnt needed in a dogs diet. Also have a look at allaboutdog food there maybe a couple of companies on there but the more commercial ones
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 12.04.17 16:45 GMT

> Has anyone seen an independent review for raw diet suppliers?

Depending on what do you mean by 'review'? People saying 'oh yeah my dogs doing great on it', you'll find that almost on any food/supplier. A scientific study of dogs over their lifetime/several years,very unlikely!

With food you normally make up your own mind by understanding what your dog requires and by reading the ingredients and learning where the food comes from and so on. But also being mindful that with food manufactured/intended/sold for pets, regulations are very very weak. For example there could be additives such preservatives, colours, flavours etc, and also toxins, the law calls them "undesirable substances", which the manufacturer may not have a duty to note among the ingredients, and which may not be healthy.

The dog's body is very similar to our own. How do you decide what to eat, what produce to prefer? Same process for your dog! :smile:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 12.04.17 16:57 GMT
Nature's many has far to many extras in especially for someone starting out imo It makes it very tricky if u want to know.what is suiting your dog and what isn't.a good simple book to read and work from is the dogs dinner by Ann Ridyard  basically at least to start with choose a supplier that keeps things very simple and it has bone offal and meat in completes is what i would always choose
- By colliepam [gb] Date 13.04.17 09:53 GMT
thanks james x
- By colliepam [gb] Date 13.04.17 09:55 GMT
no,i tend to mix them too,chris,as my jess cn have problems with too much bone-ouch!x
- By colliepam [gb] Date 13.04.17 09:57 GMT
and yes,i do use daf,they are good and their packaging doesnt include huge,hard to get rid of,polystyrene boxes!x
- By colliepam [gb] Date 13.04.17 09:58 GMT
thanks,merrypaws,i will have a look x
- By colliepam [gb] Date 13.04.17 10:02 GMT
thanks,monkeyj, yes that makes a lot of sense,mine do get veggies,but only once or twice a week  x
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