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- By Lacy Date 10.04.17 13:36 GMT
Know the time is coming when I've got to make a decision, but he's bright, happy & still enjoying running for his ball. He's been occasionally incontinent for some time, which hasn't been a concern & easily dealt with but in the last week it's happening more frequently. Some days once or twice & then on other days numerous times, vet has prescribed Propalin, which he hates & doesn't appear to be making any difference (will be speaking to vet later today)
Don't think he is even aware it's happening, we don't make a fuss, or show any emotion, & realise it's probably caused by H.D & arthritis. Nothing in his sleep or basket, just when moving about.
Apart from the obvious, has anyone any tips or suggestions?
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 10.04.17 14:15 GMT Upvotes 1
As.much as i don't like.them would a belly band work ? Regular changing of the pad and Washing him to prevent soreness might be worth considering
- By Goldmali Date 10.04.17 14:36 GMT Upvotes 1
My vet told me Propalin doesn't work for dogs, only bitches. I used a bellyband for my incontinent elderly Cavalier for years -worked great, he was happy, we were happy.
- By Lacy Date 10.04.17 16:35 GMT
Thank you so much;
Goldmali, aware that Propalin is used for bitches but vet says that she's had some success with dogs, so thought we'd give it ago. He hates it, I can prod any orifice of the poor geriatric pup but one thing he won't tolerate is syringing into mouth & propalin is meant (so I believe) to be delivered to the throat, & having to literally put him in a head lock at this stage of his life is not good.
furriefriends & goldmali. have thought of belly bands but they're one of those things that I've always had (perhaps irrationally) a dislike of, but because of the nature of our business (LOL),  will have a look on line. I know he's not got much time, so many things going on but always been a fighter with great character & he really doesn't even have bad days, always up & about following me around, sitting in the sun, chasing our feral cat & visiting friends in the afternoon.
Any suggestions for types or where to get them?
- By Nikita [gb] Date 10.04.17 16:57 GMT Upvotes 1
I always gave propalin in food and it still worked.  My old bitch would never have let me do it into her mouth!
- By Lacy Date 10.04.17 17:32 GMT
How many times did you give it during the day Nikita, it's causing such upset squirting into his mouth, spaced out over three times a day that think I'll go with giving it with a little food & also look into Belly bands, it'll only be for a couple of hours during the day to allow him to roam the house as apposed to being shut it the kitchen.
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 10.04.17 18:33 GMT
My girl has her propalin from her dish mixed with a little soya milk. She thinks it's a treat, I haven't had any problems getting her to take it.
- By Tectona [gb] Date 10.04.17 19:33 GMT
My friend has had good success with suprelorin in her older male for incontinence. It's been shown to work in bitches for incontinence too.

Another friend has a bitch who has benefitted from Hold It herbs by CSJ.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 10.04.17 20:09 GMT
I wasn't aware superlorin could be used for incontinence
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 10.04.17 20:10 GMT
I've never liked the idea of belly bands either but would definitely consider in these circumstances.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 10.04.17 21:28 GMT Upvotes 2

> propalin is meant (so I believe) to be delivered to the throat

Not so. The datasheet says "The recommended dose is 0.8mg phenylpropanolamine/kg bodyweight (equivalent to 1mg/kg phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride/kg) 3 times daily in the feed, corresponding to 0.1 ml Propalin Syrup/5 kg bodyweight 3 times daily. The absorption rate is increased if the product is administered to fasted dogs." (my bold). So no needto squirt it in his mouth.
- By Lacy Date 10.04.17 21:59 GMT
Thank you JG, that would certainly help, serves me right for not reading the data sheet :sad: but was advised to squirt into mouth. He's just happily had his last dose for the day mixed with a tea spoon of natural yoghurt!
Will as mentioned before look at belly bands for those hours he's free to wander around the house, has anyone any preference for type or suggestions for those they've used.
Again many thanks.
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 11.04.17 07:01 GMT
A friend of mine used Pooch Pads for her elderly Beardie. Search Amazon UK and you will find them.
- By Goldmali Date 11.04.17 20:26 GMT
You can usually find bellybands on Ebay, lots of people make them.
- By MamaBas Date 12.04.17 07:33 GMT Upvotes 1
OMG Lacy - please don't subject him to wearing belly bands..... I realise why (Business) but honestly for a dog who has been clean up to now, that could be so distressing for him.   I've used propalin in the past (can't say it was entirely successful, but once this happened with that lad, it was pretty much the end anyway) and put it into the feed.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 12.04.17 08:29 GMT

> How many times did you give it during the day Nikita

She had it twice daily, but you've had more info now I see :smile:  In her mouth was just never an option - when I got her, she had severe aggression issues so I'd have ended up in A&E if I'd tried!
- By Lacy Date 13.04.17 21:07 GMT

> OMG Lacy - please don't subject him to wearing belly bands.....

Everyone understandably has varying opinions of belly bands, not keen & personally wouldn't permanently use them 24/7. Propalin (fingers crossed) seems to be assisting, he doesn't leak/urinate at night or at any time when resting, & the problem varies from day to day but as I said hopefully improving. He's clean, & has always been kept clean due to skin issues.
All set up for accidents, no problem, have only considered using belly bands to allow him the freedom of the ground floor & the opportunity to follow me around in the mornings, which he's done since our other dog died. Would not contemplate containing or leaving him alone for periods at this time of his life.
He's bright, alert, enjoying his food, the garden & daily visits, old age is wretched but he's a fighter, & when he's not coping, enjoying life or showing distress then the final decision will be made.
Thank you all
- By G.Rets [gb] Date 14.04.17 21:15 GMT
Hasn't your vet suggested INCURIN tablets? My Golden has been taking them for many years (12+) and they work for her on half a tablet eod and one tablet on M,W,F. I worked out this regime to keep it to a minimum and Saffi is fine on that. If I reduce it by a half tablet in a week , she starts leaking. The tablet is smaller than a sweetener pill and can easily be put in pate or cream cheese. It sounds as though it would be a lot easier for you.
- By onetwothreefour Date 25.04.17 14:16 GMT
My oldie is on propalin 3x a day, added to her food - it has fixed her incontinence.  We tried incurin before propalin, but the incurin didn't work. 

It does sound a bit strange to be incontinent whilst running about, no?  All the elderly dogs I've known have been incontinent lying down or in their sleep.  Has everything else been checked out?
- By poodlenoodle Date 25.04.17 18:18 GMT
I'm at the other end of life (pubescent puppy) but recently went on holiday and had to resort to something for the first two days as indoor/outdoor confusion and general where-am-i anxiety and he scent marked! He only did it once, on the bag containing our duvet and pillows, but once was enough as I hadn't brought my enzyme cleaner and in the wilds of Scotland wouldn't have been able to get any.

Anyway I found my 4yo's nappies (size 6) fitted fine around his waist (he's a slim standard poodle) and were perfect for times when I couldn't supervise (when I was cooking for instance). I just crossed the tapes over his back to make sure the leg elastics stayed but in front of and behind the prepuce.

You often find them on offer in supermarkets, they are extremely absorbent and hold a fair bit - definitely fine for a few hours each day around the house and as long as you give him a quick wash when you take them off he won't get sore. If a 6 is too small asda 6+ are the biggest supermarket type. Obviously I see some have issues with belly bands but I suppose my incontinent child has me immune to fretting over such measures. We just do the needful, as needed. :)
- By Lacy Date 25.04.17 20:57 GMT
Thank you, propalin has helped, he's still very happy & active considering, no problems with taking it now given with a small amount of youghurt. He doesn't urinate or leak when resting or asleep,  hasn't cocked his arthritic legs for years, rather lowers himself like a male horse & whether due again to arthritis occasionally leaves a zig zag pattern behind him when walking. Just appears to 'forget' at times, when he moves around after getting up, when drinking or especially when excited.
Haven't resorted to belly bands,
His urine has been tested, no blood but slightly raised levels of protein. He could be subjected to further investigations & checks, but has reached the age of 12 which wasn't expected with his  problems, has I should think seen a vet on average every month of his life if not more, so we've decided to let him be. He's comfortable, has an insatiable appetite (no change there) happy, still enjoying life & we're taking it a day/week at a time.
Thank you.
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