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- By Babsie [gb] Date 05.04.17 13:59 GMT
Hi not posted before, but we are at are wits end. Our dog is bleeding internally, he has had 3  blood transfusions, blood is still 27 an endoscopy, exploraty surgery to see if there was anything, biopsy and blood tests, vets are still no wiser and don't no what else they can do, he is so weak, can't have any excercise. This has been on going now since the end of February. He  was fit and active before the this, he has lost 8kg this is with feeding him 3  meals a day. If anyone has any suggestions I would be over the moon......
- By Gundogs [gb] Date 05.04.17 14:21 GMT Upvotes 1
How awful. Is his bloodcount low, or is he actually bleeding internally? if it is an actual bleed, I don't understand how it was not sourced during exploratory surgery.
If it is a low blood count (anaemia) there could be many, many reasons such as immune disease, cancers, parasites etc.
Would it be worth a second opinion from another vet?
- By Babsie [gb] Date 05.04.17 15:47 GMT
He is bleeding internally, it seems to clear up, then start again, his blood is low because‚Äčof this, they thought it might of been an ulcer, but the surgery had ruled that out no tumours or anything. I think at last count about 5 vets were involved, so no idea what to do next. At the minute he is ok, just very week with the low blood and iron count, he had the surgery on Friday, but we just don't no what else to do if it starts again.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 05.04.17 16:41 GMT Upvotes 1
I assume they have checked for.things like leukaemia ? Are u under specialist‚Äčs ? Or perhaps.Someone   like the aht or the bigger vet schools ?  I am assuming you are UK . I do hope you find a resolution soon
- By Agility tervs [gb] Date 05.04.17 19:08 GMT
My bitch started bleeding internally during a spay operation. Not just from incision sites but a general seepage from several places. They tested for lungworm and did blood tests but didn't find anything. Luckily it was a one off. The only conclusion they could come to was that she may have been nosing around a poisoned rat and taken in  a small amount of poison. Had she not been operated on it wouldn't have been enough to cause any symptoms.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 05.04.17 20:23 GMT Upvotes 3
Has he been tested for Haemophilia or Von Willebrands
- By MamaBas Date 06.04.17 06:33 GMT

> Has he been tested for Haemophilia or Von Willebrands

Having a breed prone to v.Willebrands, this is where I'd be going!   I hope you can get to the cause - nothing worse than inconclusive.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 06.04.17 08:08 GMT
I would of thought he had been tested for lukemiea as they have did blood tests for cancer, not sure about v.willibrands as my breed isn't prone to that also as he is 7 would of thought he would of had  symptoms previously, at the minute his blood is stable, he is being tested twice a week to see if it's going up. I will check about the v.willibrands.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 06.04.17 11:30 GMT
Facebook Reply:

Finola Jolly says: Contact Roger Biduk, he has a FB page:
- By Babsie [gb] Date 06.04.17 11:39 GMT
I don't have a facebook account.
- By MamaBas Date 06.04.17 12:00 GMT
I don't know how old your dog is, but very often the first time an owner would have to deal with v. Willibrand is when the puppy starts teething - and clipping nails if the quick is caught.   Plus of course, problems during the after any surgery.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 06.04.17 12:17 GMT
Hi, he's 7 and no problems of any kind before, fit and healthy, until now

Thanks for all the replies so far
- By Babsie [gb] Date 06.04.17 12:29 GMT
Another blood test, blood is down to 23, that's down 9 in less than 2 days
- By Brainless [gb] Date 06.04.17 15:08 GMT
Since DNA testing Von Willebrands type 2 has been found in many more breeds than originally thought, when ti became a problem in German pointers.

Here is the list of breeds the gene has been found in since 2015
Mutation(s) found in:
Border Collie
Chinese Crested Dog
Collie Rough
Collie Smooth
Danish-Swedish Farmdog
Deutsch Drahthaar - German
Wirehaired Pointer
Deutsch Kurzhaar - German
Shorthaired Pointer
Deutsch Langhaar - German
Longhaired Pointer
English Pointer
German Spitz - Medium size
Spitz - Black and brown
German Spitz - Medium size
Spitz - Other colours
German Spitz - Medium size
Spitz - White
Lagotto Romagnolo - Romagna
Water Dog
Norwegian Elkhound, Grey
Old English Sheepdog
Portuguese Water Dog
Russian-European Laika

It is possible to check the levels of von willebrands factor (one of the clotting factors of the blood) to see if he is lacking.

There is also Von willebrands Type 1 (less severe) and Type 3 (more severe).
- By Nikita [gb] Date 06.04.17 18:10 GMT
Has he been referred to a specialist of any kind?  If not and your own vets aren't getting anywhere (and if he's tested for vWd and is clear) then that would be the next step for me.
- By MamaBas Date 07.04.17 07:22 GMT
Interesting that there's no mention of v W in Bassets in that list ..... maybe enough work has been done within the breed not to see this so often
now but here's a link that  DOES mention it, under health problems, in Bassets.

No mention of the increasingly seen PMDS in the breed however!
- By Babsie [gb] Date 07.04.17 07:52 GMT
My breed isn't on there, SBT and I have been in the breed since 1980, I have asked them to test for it just in case though, thank you.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 07.04.17 07:57 GMT Upvotes 1
They are testing for a bacterial infection in the gut, however if it is that he would need another opp and they have said he is so weak now that he is unlikely to survive it, waiting for results.........
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 07.04.17 09:03 GMT
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Sally Warren says:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 07.04.17 09:09 GMT
Is he under a ?
Why would a bacterial infections require an operation unless.they have found necrotic tissue ?
- By Babsie [gb] Date 07.04.17 09:32 GMT
They think it could be a severe anomaly, requiring specialist surgery, likely removing part of his bowel or gut......He isn't under a referral vet, just who we normally use, they are very good.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 07.04.17 13:22 GMT
Given.the serious nature and the time u have been investigating  i looking for a referral for a second opinion . There are number of good referral vets around d the UK . it sounds like u need a specialist opinion rather than even a good general vet
- By Nikita [gb] Date 07.04.17 13:26 GMT
Likewise.  As good as they may be, they haven't been able to identify what's wrong and it sounds like you are running out of time.
- By Kate H [ie] Date 07.04.17 20:53 GMT
With a low blood count on presenting with fatigue and anaemia my  doberman was diagnosed with autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and almost died as it's very rare. My old vets missed it but the specialist vet had it diagnosed while I was on my way to the animal hospital. Just thought it was worth mentioning
- By Bella Bonny [gb] Date 08.04.17 07:27 GMT Upvotes 1
So sorry to hear this.  If I was in your situation I would definitely give the homeopathic remedy Phosphoric Acid - whatever potency you can get (6c, 30c) whilst waiting for results/diagnosis.  It will work wonders if the symptoms fit (whether or not you believe in homeopathy!).

Phosphoric acid (Ph-ac.): Indifferent, apathetic or physically weak from loss of body fluids. Lack of energy. Exhausted.

This is my first post and I'm not sure of whether it's okay to suggest remedies, but in such serious circumstances I hope it's acceptable.

Good Luck.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 08.04.17 14:37 GMT

> With a low blood count on presenting with fatigue and anaemia my  doberman was diagnosed with autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and almost died as it's very rare. My old vets missed it but the specialist vet had it diagnosed while I was on my way to the animal hospital. Just thought it was worth mentioning

This crossed my mind as I lost my lab to it last year, but I suspect that if it was IMHA, the dog would have gone already as it doesn't tend to improve then relapse in quite the way described.  One way only, usually, without treatment.

That said, it's worth ruling it out if nothing else.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 08.04.17 17:37 GMT
I lost my bitch last year to IMHA and it isn't as rare as you would like to think, she was taken ill on Friday and pts on the following Tuesday,  I do have everything crossed for your dog and hope the vets find the cause in time.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 08.04.17 21:54 GMT
Any idea were I could get this, the pH AC have been searching the internet can't seem to find it. I'm willing to try anything.
Thank you
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 08.04.17 22:02 GMT Edited 08.04.17 22:07 GMT
Ainswrorths homeopathic pharmacy or Helios homeopathic pharmacy ring either and they will help you. they will be able to tell you what potency is best and how frequently to give  
This may also be of interest although you need to contact one of the above to is very cheap as are all homeopathic remedies
- By Babsie [gb] Date 08.04.17 22:22 GMT Upvotes 1
Thank you again.
- By Bella Bonny [gb] Date 09.04.17 07:01 GMT
Thanks for posting additional info Furriefriends.

There is also Helios pharmacy, if more convenient:

Please bear in mind there are other remedies that might also help (China Officinalis being one) depending on the individual symptoms, so always good to take advice where possible.
- By flattiemum [gb] Date 10.04.17 12:32 GMT
Have just been reading about Babesiosis, carried by ticks being found in the Essex area. This causes very low blood count as in an attempt to get rid of the disease the blood cells are attacked by the immune system. Just a thought if you are in the area.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 10.04.17 18:11 GMT
No Cornwall, but thank you for the information.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 13.04.17 12:36 GMT Upvotes 5
Good news, blood count is up, they don't no why, going to sort out seeing a specialist, I no a lot of you advised this, however not having insurance it's a very expensive route to go down, not including all the costs so far, but feel there is no other option now.
- By Bella Bonny [gb] Date 14.04.17 11:37 GMT
Excellent news.  Just wondering if you managed to use a homeopathic remedy at all? Keep in touch and hope all goes well :)
- By Babsie [gb] Date 15.04.17 21:45 GMT
I wasn't able to use a homeopathaic remedy because of all the medication he is on.
- By Babsie [gb] Date 26.04.17 20:52 GMT
Just wanted to update you all...... Unfortunately we had to have our boy pts last Tuesday, he crashed badly after seeming to rally over the weekend. So heartbreaking after all he'd gone through. My daughter is devastated, he was her life.
Thanks to all who replied
- By RozzieRetriever Date 26.04.17 21:29 GMT
Very sorry to hear this.
- By Lacy Date 26.04.17 22:06 GMT
So so sorry, life is cruel. Stay strong & remember the good times. Best wishes.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 27.04.17 08:18 GMT
My thoughts are with you all, it's a horrible time to go through,  no consolation but we all know how it feels
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