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- By crobertson [gb] Date 05.04.17 08:37 GMT
Hi guys

Our 4 year old lab was diagnosed with ED at 7 months, was referred and had both elbows operated on at around 8 months (12 months later he also had TPLO surgery on his knee). His elbows seems to be giving him trouble as he is often a bit limpy but I'm trying to avoid painkillers for as long as possible. He is currently on glucosamine, chondroitin, green lipped mussel and salmon oil twice a day, he walks twice daily, has a bioflow collar, comfy tuffie bed etc. Hes been on the glucosamine, chondroitin and green lipped mussel for at least 6 months but I haven't really noticed any difference, he has improved slightly but that may well be because we're out of winter and into the warmer less damp weather, however, I don't want to stop supplements in case they are fractionally helping (as we're with him all the time we may have missed subtle improvements).

Any supplements you guys recommend ?? I've heard good things about yumove, joint aid and seraquin but then also heard reports of no effects.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 05.04.17 08:47 GMT
I've found that u have to try different ones to see what helps .I am using g riaflex ATM  for spinal could also look at golden paste as long as he isn't on other antinflamatories or blood thinners .Many have had good results
- By Goldenfrenzy [gb] Date 05.04.17 09:08 GMT
I definately recommend Joint Aid.  Worked wonders for my girl.
- By anitaaveline [gb] Date 06.05.17 15:50 GMT
Just wondering if the parents of this girl were hip and elbow tested !
- By Nikita [gb] Date 06.05.17 16:29 GMT
Golden paste.  Very strong, natural anti-inflammatory recipe which I and many others have had great success with.  One of my training customers had a lab of about 6, who'd had ED from about the same age as yours and who was also struggling - they tried the paste and haven't looked back.  New lease of life for the dog.

Personally, I don't try and avoid painkillers - if a dog is pain, I remove it as best I can.  But that's why I like the GP as it's nothing like as risky as the conventional meds for long-term use.  If indeed risky at all, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
- By onetwothreefour Date 10.05.17 15:26 GMT
My dog is on:

Riaflex Joint Plus
Riaflex Green Lipped Mussel
Riaflex Devil's Claw (would defo add that)
Wild Salmon oil
Golden paste

She is almost 13yo and has no signs of lameness or pain.  Prior to starting all the above, she had a limp on one of her forelimbs which the vet thought was arthritis.  After a few days on that lot, it stopped and has stayed away :)

Edited to add:  There is also MaxxiSAME powder which is also supposed to be good for joint issues, as well as liver function.  I'm not using that at the mo, but was another thing I made a note of.
- By Dolph [gb] Date 11.05.17 09:41 GMT
My cocker badly fractured his elbow some years ago and had to have it plated, he's since had the plate removed due to it becoming loose and causing him pain, since then now 2 years I've been giving him Cortaflex HA concentrated powder for Greyhound and Working's worked wonders on him and another dog who had a neck injury.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 14.05.17 07:41 GMT
Yes they were, well the sire was hip & elbow scored, the dam hip scored. from a KC accredited breeder, with a sire and dam very nice showdogs (including BOB at crufts a few years ago which is very difficult in labs). Such a shame as he was the pick of the litter who I brought hoping to be my first show dog .... and what a lovely boy hes matured into :/ but he will just enjoy life as a pet with us and whatever we can give him.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 14.05.17 10:19 GMT
Facebook Replies:

Robyn Hassin says: Highly recommend the yumove tablets I use the one for older dogs tho.

Carol Chapman says:  I used the Yumove with my two, they did seem to help, kept off other meds for a long time , always recommend to anyone with joint problems
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 13.06.17 09:05 GMT
Facebook Reply:

Miriam Fraser says:  I would suggest you look into stem cell therapy.. i had it given to my 4yo flatcoat retrievers lumber and 4 legs. works miracles immediately and has long lasting wonderful result.
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