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- By Molly2013 Date 02.04.17 08:13 GMT Edited 02.04.17 08:22 GMT
I'm looking for a reputable golden retriever breeder that will be expecting a litter that will be ready to leave around middle to end of August.
I'm looking for a big , chunky , creme male retriever with a flat coat ,
I'm a stay at home mum who has children , but is now looking for a forever baby as the children are all growing up!!
I currently have a working lab which I take to training every week and am enjoying working with her so much , she is a dream .
I now would like a retriever to complete my family ( i have always wanted one since I was a child) & I would like to start going to shows, and getting involved a bit more in the doggy circuit !!
i have been looking for quite a while now and would love to find a breeder so I can secure a puppy on the waiting list as I know they are snapped up very quickly .
Im really excited about our new puppy  ,
Please can someone help me as this is all new to me :)
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 02.04.17 09:24 GMT
I would.suggest u speak to some of the breed clubs who should give u good advice. .Details of clubs can be found in the breeders section here under golden retrievers.
- By Molly2013 Date 02.04.17 09:51 GMT
Thankyou I will have a look and do that :)
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 02.04.17 12:56 GMT
I would also suggest you do plenty of research as Goldies are prone (as are lots of breeds) to suffering from genetic problems, good breeders will advertise the tests they carry out and be able to show you proof of testing.  Colour is of course a matter of preference but good health and a wonderful temperament is a must have, the breed standard states anything from cream to dark gold but never white or red,  sometimes people are tempted to breed for a "desirable" colour and it's not always very good for the overall state of the breed. Good luck with your search.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 02.04.17 13:43 GMT
A flat coat is a big ask, I doubt any reeder would confirm to you the that when your puppy becomes an adult that the coat will be flat.
- By Molly2013 Date 02.04.17 15:45 GMT
No I understand that , I'm just going from the parents pictures , I agree you can't guarantee the puppy will have a flat coat
- By Jodi [gb] Date 02.04.17 16:24 GMT
Going from pictures may help, but often the picture may be of the dog which has been washed, groomed and trimmed ready for a show.
My golden looks to have a straight coat when she has been bathed and dried with a blaster, but her normal coat has quite a wave to it as is the norm with many Goldens. The only straight coated Goldens that I am aware of (and my knowledge is fairly limited) are the Goldens that are bred in the US as the breed standard is for a longer straighter coat then in the UK
- By Molly2013 Date 02.04.17 16:39 GMT
Ah , thankyou so much for telling me as I didn't realize this, I have just been looking at the pictures of the parents and that does make sense !
That makes my search a lot easier now :)
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 02.04.17 18:06 GMT Upvotes 1

> I would like to start going to shows, and getting involved a bit more in the doggy circuit !!

If showing is something you are really interested in doing, I think looking for "a chunky pup from a reputable breeder" is a risk to say the least. From experience, I think very much more likely than not the puppy you buy this way will end up to be average to poor quality show-wise. Which means when you do take him to shows he'll mostly be placed at the back of the line, and when that happens over and over its not a nice feeling at all.

When it comes to puppy-buying the correct advice is very difficult to follow, due to understandable itching to have that cute puppy and to be able to plunge in that doggy circuit asap. As you say, being excited :smile: The correct thing however would be to wait and to learn first. As a newcomer to the breed, I would take at least a year before buying the new puppy. I would go to champ shows ALL OF THEM, get to know people and get to know dogs. I would become a member of the breed club and get hold of the yearbooks for at least the past 20-30 years (either buy them or borrow them) and poor over them studying dogs, their pedigrees and results. I would get on Facebook and friend people who are involved in the breed whether breeders or not, and again study pictures, results, pedigrees, if lucky there might be a discussion or two on points of conformation, temperament etc.

And only then TRY and make a decision as to which breeder/s it would be best to buy a promising pup. While still not foolproof, this way the chances of getting a nice pup would be higher, if not only for the fact that people would know you by that time, would know your determination, and would be more disposed to trust you with a future show dog.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 03.04.17 21:16 GMT
Working Goldens of my acquaintance seem to have the flattest most golden (as in the metal) coloured coats.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 04.04.17 08:02 GMT
Thinking about it, I think you're right Brainless.
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