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- By snowflake [gb] Date 31.03.17 06:55 GMT
We are going to show our Mini Schnauzer when he is old enough so he is going to ring craft here in East Sussex which is great fun - wonderful to see all those different breeds that you don't see much of out and about - Spinones,  Vizlas,  Rhodesian Ridgebacks etc! 

I have purchased a soft little cord show lead for Otto our Mini but a week or so ago at the class where he was pulling (he is only three and a half  months old) he made himself sick.  I noticed that many people there seem to have show leads with sort of check chains.  Would these help if I buy one - and how do they work?  Do they come complete with a show lead or do you add them?

Lucy if you are reading this  I am sure you will explain!

Thanks all!
- By tooolz Date 31.03.17 14:12 GMT
I've seen them show on little thin black leather half check leads, even the chain is black.
There is no substance to them however so you'd need to train not to pull.
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 31.03.17 14:16 GMT Upvotes 2
Why don't you visit a show or two, at least one championship, and see what leads the schnauzers are on, and talk to people etc. This seems to me the best way to learn, also about showing in general :smile:
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 31.03.17 16:57 GMT
Like the others have said, they have to learn to walk nicely otherwise they do just choke themselves, but he's very young yet and you know how to train a dog so I'm sure he will get the hang of it. I use a half check on my dogs, it is a similar principle to the full check/choke, but instead of tightening completely, it can only tighten partway - I'll dig out a photo and email you if you still have the same email as when you were over this way? But I agree that you should go and find a few shows and see what people with schnauzers are showing their dogs on as it varies quite a bit from breed to breed. I'm a bit behind the times tbh (you know me, I don't like to change once I find something that suits) as many people in my breed are showing on all-in-one check or half check collar and leads, often with a fair bit of bling. The bling is pretty, but I was always taught to use a plain lead so as not to distract from the dog you are showing.
- By MamaBas Date 01.04.17 11:09 GMT
Once mine were trained to walk with me properly, I tended to use a thin 'choke' chain and lead.   Otherwise you might consider using a martingale collar?   Talk to the breeder - and yes, going to a few shows without your dog to sit and watch, would be worth doing I think.
- By JoStockbridge [gb] Date 01.04.17 22:02 GMT
I'm sure the mini schnauzers at the ring craft i went to were on half check's or chains. But if yours is pulling to that extent it will still pull and have the same effect as the cords.

You can get the nylon tape types with a wider bit  that goes under the throat so it spreads any pressure better to help prevent choking. You could use one untill you get yours walking better.

At the end of the day you can use whatever works best for you. When my girl went threw a phase of keeping her face to the floor i brought a lurcher collar at a game fair and used that in the ring. As if i moved her on a shorter lead she would fight it and choke herself. I used it untill i got her out of the habit as she couldn't do it in the sighthound collar and now am back to either her half check or snake chain with no issues. Did get a few funny looks and some questions from other owners but it helped her so who cares.
- By snowflake [gb] Date 08.04.17 06:51 GMT Upvotes 1
Thank you all for your help.  I will be going to some shows to see what other Minis are wearing.  Otto is not yet old enough for shows - but he did win a rosette (4th) in the puppy walk at Ringcraft tjhis week!!!  He actually trotted along quite well (some of the way....):grin:
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