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- By SuPaw Nanny [gb] Date 28.03.17 07:45 GMT Edited 29.03.17 10:01 GMT
Hi There

I hope your well!?

I hope you don't mind my reaching out to you all directly in this way but I got Champdogs details from the KC register because we are looking to expand our family to include a dark (Red/Russet) working golden retriever (we currently have a four year old Fox Red Lab Retriever) and wonder if you have any suitable litters. Alternatively, could you recommend a reputable breeder?

Many thanks,

Kind regards,
Stacy Page
- By Jodi [gb] Date 28.03.17 09:15 GMT Upvotes 4
I think you are best contacting the Golden Retriever breed club as they are more likely to know of breeders with dark red retrievers. There are some working retriever puppies advertised on the Champdogs puppy listings, but they tend to be a deep gold rather then dark red. It really depends how dark a red you want.
As an aside, some of the very dark red Goldens I've seen look less like a GR and more like an Irish setter/golden retriever cross. Dark red in GR's isn't a colour that is within the KC breed standard and the  people most likely to have dogs of this colour would be gamekeepers and people more involved within the shooting world and they don't always health test. As GR's are prone hip, elbow and eye problems, I would be at looking at breeders who do test their breeding stock for these common diseases at the very least.
- By MamaBas Date 28.03.17 09:18 GMT Edited 29.03.17 10:01 GMT
This colour is a fault within the breed and a reputable breeder probably wouldn't be producing a GR of that colour.   For starters.
- By SuPaw Nanny [gb] Date 28.03.17 10:40 GMT
Thank you very much for the info here, I agree some I've seen have the Irish Setter mix which is not what we are after, I'm most interested in a red colour, doesn't have to be as deep - but I have a fox red lab out of Three Valleys and our personal preference would be a similar colouring for our next addition to the family. I will research the GB breed club and reach out to them also, thank you so much for your reply. Regards, Stacy
- By SuPaw Nanny [gb] Date 28.03.17 10:41 GMT Edited 29.03.17 10:03 GMT
Our background:

Our family consists of myself and my husband Roman, two children - Charlie who is 14 years old and Amber who is 10 years old. We already have a gorgeous four year old Fox Red Lab Retriever bitch named 'Cherry' her KC registered name is Red Bordeaux of three valleys gundogs. We raised her from 8 weeks and she is a much loved member of our family.

Cherry is our special young dog, named Cherry in honour of her gorgeous colouring, she is the daughter of Irish and Tory (Threevalleys Take Control) and granddaughter Of Gordon (Dargdaffin Hero of Threevalleys.

She is a fantastic dog with a temperment to match.

We had Cherry spade as we didn't want to mate her. One of her brothers was kept as Stud Dog by Three Valleys and we have enjoyed watching him a chore alongside cherry contact the breeder throughout her life and initially we had considered taking a pup from his next litter, however having carried out extensive research over the past few months we have now set our hearts on a Red Working Golden Retriever to complete our family! We think you'll agree with their unique colouring, Cherry and another Red Pup could make quite a striking pair!!!

Whilst like Cherry, he/she wouldn't be 'worked' in the field, they would enjoy maximum exercise and mental stimulation as I run my own Pet services business and as such they would spend all day everyday out in the countryside mixing and socialising with other dogs, and would enjoy living life to the full. Obviously, as we did when raising Cherry we are very mindful not to over exercise in the first 12-18 months of pups life and have a large extended family on hand to offer daycare during the first year.

I'm sorry that you cannot help us but hope my reply at least gives you and others a little insight into our background and assists you to be less presumptuous and judgmental in the future. All we would hope for is a biddable, loyal pet and the reason I give so much detail is most reputable breeders usually ask for background so to best ascertain if our home environment is a good fit for their pups.
- By tigran [gb] Date 28.03.17 11:55 GMT
Why don't you contact the place that you got your Labrador from? Looking at their website they have working golden retrievers as well.
- By SuPaw Nanny [gb] Date 28.03.17 12:00 GMT Edited 29.03.17 10:04 GMT
Hi Tigran - this would have been our preference - One of Cherry's brothers was kept as Stud Dog and we have enjoyed watching him develop alongside Cherry as we always stayed in contact with the breeder throughout her life and initially we had considered taking a pup from his next litter (ready end of April) however having carried out extensive research over the past few months we have now set our hearts on a Red Working Golden Retriever to complete our family and Sadly Charlotte no longer breeds the Goldens! :cry:
- By Tectona [gb] Date 29.03.17 20:43 GMT Upvotes 6
Looking at the above website I would be extremely dubious of a breeder who feels the need to use a dog with an elbow score of 2 not once but 11 times (so far). No justification for this in the breed and makes me question their priorities as breeders.

But anyway....

I've seen your post on a couple of GR Facebook groups. Please don't take this as criticism because I'm trying to be helpful :lol: but your posts do read a little strangely, almost as though you've copied and pasted it to lots of breeders and pages, and it almost reads like an advert for your company with the links in it etc.

The other thing is you are obviously looking for a working line GR which is fine, sounds well suited to what you want, but you must stop calling them red or russett because it will rub working golden people the wrong way- seems petty but it will and makes it seem like you've just spotted them and want one on a whim instead of looking into them. I'm sure that's not the case. Your focus must be on health and temperament over colour. Most working bred goldens are dark anyway, if you have a preference for very dark dogs it must be secondary to your concerns over health and temperament. I would be happy to put you in touch with some working GR people but honestly you do not want a GR who wants to eat other dogs (they sure exist- I should know), or has duff elbows etc.

I would ditch your 'advert', your bit of background about yourself and what you want from a pup is good, breeders will like that, and the good ones will want to know you've done your research and know that they are not red nor russett, but working golden retrievers which happen to be dark, and they will want to know that you expect appropriate health testing and dogs of sound temperament. They want to know that you are taking it seriously and haven't just spotted a pretty thing that will match your... yellow :wink: Labrador.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 29.03.17 20:58 GMT Edited 30.03.17 14:42 GMT Upvotes 1
Only 0/0 elbows should ideally be bred from with 0/1 at a push.
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