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- By cherie [gb] Date 27.03.17 19:34 GMT
We are currently looking for information and assistance in our search for reputable breeders of Border Collies. We are looking for a KC registered litters from health tested parents from either an agility or active home background. We are hoping to find a puppy for the beginning of June but can most definitely wait for the right breeder and indeed the right puppy with our desired temperament and character. Any assistance of guidance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. We are open to all colours and not restricting our search to specific genders, distances or price. We just wanted KC registered, health tested, happy puppy with a good temperament and the possibility to agility train in the future if the pup enjoys it.
Thanks in advance!
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 27.03.17 20:54 GMT
Contact the breed clubs they will have info on good breeders for u
- By cherie [gb] Date 29.03.17 19:15 GMT
thank you!
Up Topic Dog Boards / Searching / Reputable Border collie breeder

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