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- By suehooe [gb] Date 26.03.17 20:08 GMT Edited 26.03.17 20:10 GMT
Hi. I have 3 week old puppies and have had to hand rear them since day one, as mum rejected them, even though we tried to encourage her to let them feed, but would have non of it. Puppies doing well on Royal Canin milk but the are on maximum quantities and still hungry. They have all been wormed as prescribed by vet, and putting on weight nicely. I have stared to wean them but am confused as to whether I should still be giving them bottled milk also.  They are only eating small quantities, as only 2nd day of weaning, and 2 meals a day, but have been giving bottled milk, but slightly less than quantities on carton. They are not lapping milk from bowl, have tried but goes cold quickly and the don't like it. I'm worried about over feeding if I'm giving milk on top of their weaning food, even though I use the formula to make the porridge. I've looked on websites but all so different with advice.  I would love some help so I can keep my puppies healthy and happy.  Many thanks.
- By Goldmali Date 26.03.17 21:08 GMT Upvotes 1
I'm partially hand rearing one pup at the moment. She will be 3 weeks tomorrow and I started solids at 12 days. She still gets her bottle feeds just like any other pup would still suckle off mum despite having solid food too. The milk is still needed.
- By MamaBas Date 27.03.17 07:35 GMT
Normally when weaning begins, they have their solid feed and then go back to mum for more suckling.   Even once mum is no longer with them 24/7 but just going in after each feed to clean up - standing up and allowing 'comfort suckling'.   This helps her dry up as the puppies take more solids, and need less of her milk.

I've never had a bitch refuse her puppies, even after a C.Section.  Did they take ANY colostrum because if not, they are going to be at risk and I'd expect your vet to give them an interim vaccination, against Parvo and Lepto, by 6 weeks.   And meantime, they must not be exposed to any possibility of picking up one of the fatal viruses - which means removing shoes and washing hands rigorously.

You can use warmed goats milk - it's as close to bitch milk as possible.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Feeding / Weaning help for hand reared puppies

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