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- By snowflake [gb] Date 24.03.17 13:55 GMT
The trainer at puppy class says she never cleans her dogs' teeth but regularly gives them a frozen marrow bone.  I have never heard of frozen ones and have never given my dogs bones either.  However she showed us her 13 year old poodle's teeth and they were amazing!

I would be interested to know your views on this.  And would they be suitable at all for puppies?
- By chaumsong Date 24.03.17 14:20 GMT
I usually give mine their raw knuckle bones frozen, it's less messy.

I don't give marrow bones, the leg shanks, anymore because my breed have long narrow jaws and they've got them stuck inside the bones trying to get the marrow out several times, so I just give the huge knuckle bones.

Once they've chewed them for an hour or so I put them back in the freezer for the next day.

I don't know about all puppies but mine have had them from the time they arrive here, so as young as 8 weeks.
- By MamaBas Date 24.03.17 17:48 GMT
I have never given mine frozen bones, and if they did have marrow bones, I'd scoop out a lot of the marrow before giving it to them as it's rich and can upset digestive systems - it did with mine, especially puppies.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 24.03.17 19:55 GMT Upvotes 3
I raw feed but  don't give any weight bearing bones  frozen or unfrozen.mine get carcasses ribs and wings for nutrition and teeth cleaning.
I know people  who do but I feel the risk to teeth is too high and prefer the others which are soft.
Always raw.amd sometimes still slightly frozen
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 24.03.17 19:56 GMT
Marrow bones are great for making bone broth though
- By G.Rets [gb] Date 26.03.17 19:32 GMT
My lot have marrow bones occasionally for a treat. They come frozen so I put them in boiling water for just 5 mins. so the dogs don't get ice burns. They go into the fridge for the next day after about 1.5 hours. All  30 - 40 kg dogs are very amiable with bones. The only menace is the 8 kg Cavalier who has to have hers on her own in the kitchen!
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 02.04.17 10:43 GMT
Facebook Replies:

Thomas Wright says: Raw bones as I feed my dogs raw & their teeth are gleaming white

Angelic Shetan says: Marrow bones are recreational only as can break teeth. Not suitable for puppies but older dogs can chew and remove marrow and you can wash and put away in the freezer for next time or wash and put in a slow cooker to make bone broth (Google it) and let them have that too. For puppies, thinks like chicken wings, duck wings, leg and thigh chicken bones are good for cleaning teeth. Stretch open and freeze, then give to your pup. ALWAYS supervise and do not allow gulping. Holding the bone while dog/pup learns to chew is good. I never brush any teeth and my dogs have never had a dental. Avoid weight baring bones in general or allow them to strip meat and remove.
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