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- By david64 [gb] Date 24.03.17 12:41 GMT
hi all,can anyone recommend a dogue de bordeaux breeder for me please,am based in kent but can travel anywhere,many thanks
- By Kenny Date 24.03.17 15:54 GMT Edited 25.03.17 11:07 GMT
Blimey wasn't expecting that, 20 pages/ 397 breeders listed on here

Dogue De Bordeaux Breeders

Do they really only live 6-7 years ?
- By Kenny Date 25.03.17 15:29 GMT
Thanks for the edit Admin

I'm shocked that less one in four breeders health test this breed.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 25.03.17 17:05 GMT Upvotes 1
How about contacting a breed club ? They should be able to give u good info in responsible breeders
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