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- By Xavi [gb] Date 22.03.17 12:23 GMT
How do I get our pup to poop outside when it's wet and horrible?!

He is 10wks old, French Bulldog and doing very well at training until it comes to wet and cold weather and then he really insists on holding it in until he comes inside.

Do we make a temporary covered area? Or will that cause issues later.

Also he likes to eat his poop, I heard off here a long time ago to feed pineapple?!

Any advice welcome :grin:
- By St.Domingo Date 22.03.17 12:26 GMT
Put his coat on, put your coat on and go outside.
When it's bad my girl won't go outside alone either. They're little tinkers !!!
- By Xavi [gb] Date 22.03.17 12:39 GMT
Thanks, yes we pop coats on and stand outside using the command and move from one pooping area to his other for sometimes 15-20 mins in the rain.

Never know stubbornness like it :evil:
- By Jodi [gb] Date 22.03.17 13:26 GMT
You would think he would wee and or poo to get over with quickly wouldn't you, daft dog.

Are you holding an umbrella over him, it might help?
- By Nikita [gb] Date 22.03.17 14:39 GMT
Watch him like a hawk indoors, then whizz him outside when he's immediately needing to go.

Personally I would not stand out there with him for ages if he's really unhappy because he's unlikely to go - I speak from experience!  He'll just end up wet and miserable.  My first pup was like this and I once spent 45 minutes out in the rain trying to get him to go, even ended up having to block the cat flap because he knew he fit through it.  I never did win, I just had to watch him closely and keep popping outside until he was desparate enough to go.

And in the meantime, work on a strong toileting cue - he was the first dog I did that with when he was an adult, and it was the best thing I did in that respect as it meant I was able to send him to go quickly when it was raining.  These days all my dogs go on cue and my last pup was taught it as soon as I started housetraining her.

Worth trying the umbrella idea and/or a covered area though - if I've ever got some money spare for it I'll be sorting one out for my guys!  I've only got the one who won't go in bad rain now, but as my next dog is likely to be another dobe like her and the first one, I fully expect to  have the same problem in the future!
- By Xavi [gb] Date 22.03.17 19:31 GMT
Thanks Nikita!

Yes we use 'go toilet' and he knows this now. He is very quick to learn but obviously really doesn't like the cold/wet. Apparently his father is a fussy/private pooper so maybe he has carried on this trait :razz:

We will try the watch and go method, only problem with this is that we have to quickly pick up and carry outside as he won't follow when he is about to pee or poop, and he is very small (we have french doors which are rises above the patio level) and needs to use make shift steps out of bricks to get out. So he won't be running outside when he is about to go, he will be carried.

Would that be an issue?
- By Nikita [gb] Date 23.03.17 08:37 GMT
Nope, I wouldn't worry about that at all.  As long as he's toileting outside, that's what counts!  As he gets the hang of it he should start heading for the door anyway, or following you.
- By JeanSW Date 23.03.17 12:53 GMT

> Also he likes to eat his poop, I heard off here a long time ago to feed pineapple?!

I've never found all these 'solutions' to work.  The answer is always "pick up" pretty damn quick.  I've always wondered if they eat poop because they've seen mum do it when cleaning them up.  Lovely  habit eh?  But lots of dogs do this.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 23.03.17 13:32 GMT
Yep, your best shot with that is to stop it becoming a habit now, by clearing it up as soon as it's done and never letting him get a chance.  A lot of dogs go through a phase of poo eating as pups and most grow out of it, but once it is a habit, it's all but impossible to stop - so best to break it before it even forms.

That being said, food can play a big role for a number of dogs and just a change of diet can stop it.  What are you feeding him on?
- By Xavi [gb] Date 23.03.17 20:35 GMT
He's still on pro plan as breeder gave that, he also has natures menu.
Mum feeds her 12 raw and has said he won't eat his poop if he goes on raw. I'm just unsure on committing to raw feeding.
- By Jessica B Date 02.04.17 10:26 GMT
He will grow out of it - my two girls are both 2 and they still put on those 'do we have to?' faces when it's cold or wet. Don't worry too much about it, just keep an eye on him if he's refusing to go.
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 02.04.17 17:35 GMT
I also believe it is the diet that makes them eat their own poo.

> I'm just unsure on committing to raw feeding.

I think of it this way: we feed ourselves, our kids and our partners raw, in the sense that we buy fresh produce, boil some, chop some, steam some, mix some, etc. How difficult can it be really, to have to feed in the same way one tiny extra member of the family?
- By Ralph2k17 [gb] Date 19.06.17 19:28 GMT
we have the same problem.... Ralph wont leave the house for a walk let alone toilet time.
All you need to do is be persistent, put your coat on and the dogs coat and leave the house.

it may mean initially you all get wet but if it does the trick, in the long run, its worth it.

give them a treat as well just to encourage.  Treat Training is always a great solution.
- By belinda-jayne [gb] Date 21.06.17 08:59 GMT Edited 21.06.17 09:11 GMT
good luck they always get there in the end
having eyes like a hawk helps oh and a spare bit of wall to bang you head on :lol:
- By Ralph2k17 [gb] Date 06.07.17 18:29 GMT
Ralph doesnt like toilet in the rain!  He literally has to be thrown outside until he decides to go.... sometimes he will just stand there and do nothing other than get wet from the rain.

Trying to take him for a walk in the rain is even harder as he just sits down and does NOTHING!
- By Nikita [gb] Date 06.07.17 21:23 GMT
If he hates it that much why persist?  It's not like either of you will be getting anything out of it and you're only making the rain a more and more unpleasant thing for him.
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