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Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / Cost of hips/ elbow scoring these days
- By BusyDoggs [gb] Date 18.03.17 20:08 GMT
Hi :)

Many years since I have had this done - has anyone had hips and elbows scored recently and can give me an approximate cost - I have used Moy Farm in the past and prefer to have it done under sedation.

Clearly I can ring on Monday but I am wondering now :)

- By Brainless [gb] Date 18.03.17 20:18 GMT
For both I paid £300 under sedation 4 years ago, at Kington in Hereford, but was less with Marilyn (Southern Canine Imaging) in Southampton, both under sedation.

Around here you would be paying at least £300 for each under GA
- By NICBRITTON [gb] Date 18.03.17 20:55 GMT
Had both done last week and paid £300 inc BVA fee of £114 under sedation.
- By BusyDoggs [gb] Date 19.03.17 17:04 GMT
Thanks - that's a little less than I had decided it would be!!

:) :)
- By crobertson [gb] Date 31.03.17 20:44 GMT
I think it cost us about £350 - £400 for 35kg labradors.
- By suejaw Date 01.04.17 06:31 GMT
Around the £300 Mark all in last year at southern canine imaging. Believe the bva fees have gone up again. All under sedation.
- By anitaaveline [gb] Date 06.05.17 15:52 GMT Edited 06.05.17 15:55 GMT Upvotes 1
I took a girl for hips last week, it was £98-42p with sedation, the bva fee was £63, this was a very good price.
- By Star [gb] Date 11.05.17 16:38 GMT
Can anyone recommend a Vet who does sedation in the Marlborough(Wiltshire) area please?
- By anitaaveline [gb] Date 11.05.17 18:19 GMT Upvotes 1
The whole point of hip testing is to make sure you go to a vet who is well known for placing the hips in the correct place, all vets do hips from time to time, but thats not to say they are much good at it, We are delighted to have found a vet up here in the north now, who is even better then the one we used to go to in S'hampton They do sedation, we only had to wait about half an hour for the whole thing to be finished, and then the vet showed us the x-rays, and talked us over them, This practise is getting dogs of all breeds from the south, yes they have found this practise, and are travelling from very far and wide, you get a lovely welcome, they are so kind and friendly, a great cuppa, it was a far better experience then where we used to go. and a far  better service. I would not travel south again.
- By anitaaveline [gb] Date 11.05.17 18:20 GMT
See my mail below, re prices, that is a huge price
- By suejaw Date 11.05.17 21:09 GMT
What is this place called that's up north?
- By anitaaveline [gb] Date 11.05.17 21:30 GMT
Please- Moy Vets, Out Rawcliffe, Chapel Lane,Lancashire
- By lablovers [gb] Date 11.07.17 04:49 GMT
Can anyone recommend an experienced Vet for hip/elbow scoring please in Leicestershire area or nearest.
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