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- By Vizslastud [gb] Date 17.03.17 11:21 GMT
For a Vizsla Bitch with an expected HipScore of 15-20 (awaiting result) would that be detrimental to the bitch if she had a litter and how 'normal' is it (if so) for breeders to produce a litter from a bitch with such a high total score? Is there any research that discuss whether a dams HipScore is genetically passed on to the puppies? The sire has HipScore of 4/4. Thank you for any replies.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 17.03.17 11:50 GMT
If comparing that score with OFA (USA) grading 19 - 25 would be Borderline,  above that you grt into dysplastic grades.

A dog with up to a 20 total score should be functionally normal.
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 17.03.17 12:09 GMT
British Veterinary Association and Kennel Club Hip Score results for particular breeds.

Interpretation and use of BVA/KC hip scores in dogs

Median versus mean hip scores 

Estimated Breeding Values- EBVs
- By Vizslastud [gb] Date 17.03.17 14:50 GMT
Thank you :)
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