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- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 16.03.17 08:56 GMT
I used to get my show leads & collars from Deva but their email no longer works. :cry: All the leads & collars I see at shows are round leads and usually all in one lead & collar. I prefer the lead & collar to be separate in case I need to swap. I like a narrow but flat nylon lead, 1/2"  wide and 38" long, plain black with no bling. And I like a chain half check, not material as the dogs are part black & part white around their necks, looking for one 13" around. Anyone got any recommendations or ideas? Or am I going to have to change what I use! :cool:
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 16.03.17 10:05 GMT
Have you looked at Petneeds in Wales? They make leads to order not sure about collars but no harm in asking. Really nice people and very helpful

Luxway do metal half check collars but only 12 or 14 inches

Hope that helps
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 16.03.17 14:35 GMT
I had the same problem with Deva last year. My breed has quite a large skull and the narrower part nylon half checks are not big enough. I did eventually manage to get one from a Yorkshire based trader at Birmingham National, but I'm afraid I didn't take note of the name. He did say that he was having supply problems, and hadn't been able to get the full range of sizes. As many traders use the same pitch each year, he was on the spur, just to the right of the main entrance to the hall.
I also picked up a fine, round profile, leather half check from Essanjay, the advantage being that they will make to your exact measurements​.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 16.03.17 14:52 GMT
Try Johnny Morgan, his business is called Regalstag you will find it on Facebook.  Love my leads from him.
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 16.03.17 20:38 GMT
Thanks all, I'll do some investigating. :wink:
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