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Poll What do you feed your dogs?
Vegetarian 0 0%
Vegan 0 0%
Raw 18 38%
Grain-free 14 30%
Gluten-free 3 6%
None of the above 12 26%
- By Jessica B Date 16.03.17 02:47 GMT
The previous poll didn't have enough options, sorry guys! Since you asked for more options, here is another one.
- By St.Domingo Date 16.03.17 06:35 GMT
I don't like to think of any dog being vegetarian.
It reminds me of the blood hound in Shirley Valentine that was fed muesli !!!
- By freelancerukuk [gb] Date 16.03.17 08:12 GMT
In parts of the Far East dogs do live on a vegetarian diet. Subsets of the species have evolved to share the diet of the human population they co-exist with.
- By poodlenoodle Date 18.03.17 12:24 GMT
We got a rescue dog in the 90's that came from the rescue kennels with what looked like a bag of museli. He wouldn't eat it unless mixed with meat gravy anyway and my parents switched him hastily onto a supermarket diet (butchers tripe mix cans and bakers mixer).

My own boy arrived on eukanuba, which he wasn't keen on. We switched him quite quickly to origen which he liked a bit better, but still needed tempting to eat with a little meat broth or tinned topper.

Recently we moved him to raw and he is absolutely thriving. Loves his food now, looks very bright and is still full of energy. We use Natures menu ingredients and make up our own meals. We do add fruits and vegetables, finely grated or blended, to his bowl, but I don't think a fully vegetarian diet is kind for a meat-heavy-omnivore like a dog.
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 18.03.17 12:46 GMT
Voted "None of the above", but I'd have liked an option "Varied diet" as that's what we feed... raw meats, cooked grain, raw fruits, raw and cooked veg, some fermented food, and so on :)
- By Dogz Date 20.03.17 08:12 GMT
Mine is also varied, with a Lily's kitchen grain free kibble in the morning. In a ball to feed themselves as it roll around the kitchen. Whilst I hop off to work.
I lift that at lunchtime when I get home and and teatime they are on raw. When I quit work I think I will go raw altogether.
- By goldendoodles [gb] Date 27.03.17 19:16 GMT
Do you use an automatic feeder for your dog?

My golden doodle has a similar diet but im not sure if it will be suitable for one, i found an automated feeder here: obviously i wont do it for the full 90 days just wondering if anyone else has experience with it?
- By Dogz Date 29.03.17 18:02 GMT
Not sure if you're asking me about feeder, but no I don't.
I use a feeding/activity ball that they knock around the place and as it goes it dispenses bits if kibble at a certain point.
It holds an adequate amount for two small breeds and I'm sure would be fine for one meal for the largest of dogs.
- By crobertson [gb] Date 31.03.17 20:35 GMT
Royal Canin for ours - not nutritionally brilliant I know but we get the best results with all of our dogs.
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