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- By JeanSW Date 14.03.17 22:39 GMT
Can you help me guys please. I have a message saying my IE is out of date. If I download IE 10 or IE 11 will I have lots of problems? Because I never know what to do if things don't work on my laptop. (Don't have internet phone.)  And it would need to be a free download.  Thanks a lot.  Jean
- By JeanSW Date 15.03.17 14:22 GMT Upvotes 3
OK folks.  Got fed up of Internet Explorer.  I've downloaded Google Chrome.  So I'm OK now.  :grin:
- By RozzieRetriever Date 15.03.17 17:42 GMT
Sorry, couldn't help with the technicalities, but always found google chrome to be good. Glad you're sorted out.
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 15.03.17 17:44 GMT
I like Google Chrome:grin: Friend has a dog registered as Google Chrome First Edition:red:
- By JeanSW Date 15.03.17 18:24 GMT
Thanks Rozzie - I'm slowly getting used to the differences compared to what I used for a million years.  My biggest fear was my lack of knowledge and getting in a mess.  But so far anything I wanted to go back on has worked so I'm gaining a bit of confidence.  :grin:  Getting old!
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