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- By P4ddy [gb] Date 13.03.17 10:30 GMT
Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this.

I am moving back to the UK in November from Malta and I don't want to leave my 12 year old dog behind. I have a maximum budget of £500 to get him and myself back and have looked at every possible route (plane, train, ferry etc) but can't get the cost down low enough!

To fly him directly into the UK he has to fly as cargo which for him alone is £530 (he is a small/medium cross breed), then i have to get back.

I have looked at flying him to France then getting the train and ferry back to the UK but the ferry companies don't allow foot passengers on with dogs because they have to stay in the car/ vehicle.

I have also looked at flying him to France then getting the train to the Eurotunnel but I can't take him through on the Eurostar train (they don't allow animals on the train), again he has to​ travel in a car/vehicle.

I lost my springer spaniel in December and don't want to have to rehome my remaining dog so was wondering if anyone knows of someone who regularly travels to/from France who may be able to pick my dog and I up in Calais and bring us through the Eurotunnel? I will of course pay for the return ticket and the extra fare for my dog. He travels well and is very friendly.

Any alternative suggestions also welcome!

- By Merlot [gb] Date 13.03.17 12:11 GMT Upvotes 2
Do you have access to the web ? if so join an ex-pat site for France and see if anyone is travelling back for a break and is willing to help out !
- By chaumsong Date 15.03.17 19:54 GMT Edited 15.03.17 20:07 GMT Upvotes 1
What about flying to Amsterdam, bus or train to Hook van Holland and get the Stena Harwich ferry, I know people that have went as foot passengers with dogs on this crossing. A day crossing for you and your dog is around £52.

Edited to add there are apparently 41 trains a day from Schiphol to Hook, it takes around an hour and costs about 16 euros, it's door to door - the train stops right at the ferry terminal building.
- By biffsmum [gb] Date 15.03.17 22:11 GMT
Folkstone taxis will drive to France and collect you and your dog and bring back through the Tunnel. They quoted me £350 to the airport in Paris plus the cost of the Eurotunnel.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 16.03.17 11:38 GMT
Flying to Brussels and arrange for  someone to pick you up by car using channel tunnel or Dunkirk ferry route.  Have done the latter when flying with my bitch.
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