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- By Admin (Administrator) Date 13.03.17 10:22 GMT
For those of you whom had to make do with TV coverage of this years Crufts.

What did you think?
- By MamaBas Date 13.03.17 11:39 GMT Upvotes 2
I found the coverage of the dogs in each group 'selective'.   With some breeds we saw way more than with others.   Given this is still a DOG SHOW I'd far rather see more of the actual judging, and less of this minor (forgive me) celebrity walking round the show stuff.  I didn't watch the afternoon/early evening programmes, concentrating on the Group judging.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 13.03.17 11:54 GMT Upvotes 2
I do wish they would show at the very least the BOB in each breed, I think it would give JP a much better idea of what is involved in showing, as said already its a dog show, and although I am quite happy they show the finals of flyball etc.. is it necessary to show all the quarter finals and the semi's too ? Even in the groups we are lucky to get a fleeting glimpse of each BOB but if it wasn't for the breed showing aspect Crufts would not exist at all ! We used to see each BOB enter the ring individually so we did at least get to see each one but this time many were already lined up as coverage began, then we were lucky to see a very brief look as the judge went over them.  I would like to see that the presenters were better informed as well, last year Claire Balding called a Bernese a St Bernard and this year she said they rescued people from the snow !! NO they don't they are a draft/general purpose farm dog !! Two wrongs in this case did not make a right !
- By RozzieRetriever Date 13.03.17 11:56 GMT Upvotes 2
Too much sofa, not enough dog. Although there did seem to be a bit more about health testing and responsible breeding. Didn't like Alan Carr at all (and I normally do). Good points made Merlot re BOB.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 13.03.17 14:37 GMT Upvotes 1
I thought there was too much faffing around with celebs, don't like Alan Carr so that didn't help, and not enough dogs. I ended up watching the live streaming on YouTube out of preference. I recorded gundog day off the TV, but haven't watched it yet. Going by how I felt about the other tv programs I watched, I think I will look at the gundog group judging on YouTube and the delete the recording.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 13.03.17 15:02 GMT Upvotes 5
Considering it's supposed to be a dog show I would rather see dogs than have a "magazine" programme which flits about from subject to subject, I realise that I am probably in a minority not wanting to see "doggy deal or no deal" and pics of random peoples pets and there was rather a lot from Noel Fitzpatrick who I really admire but I would still rather see the judging.  I love Jessica Holmes who really pressed home the french bulldog angle and isn't afraid to say it as it undoubtedly is, like the vet's comments but didn't quite see the purpose in having a vet nurse commenting.
- By compassion [gb] Date 13.03.17 18:05 GMT
For those of you whom had to make do with TV coverage of this years Crufts.

What did you think?

My memory isn't as good as it once was but I seem to remember back in the old days the program being more balanced (showing more of the 'Show Dogs' as well) which is what I thought CRUFTS was supposed to be mostly about. Mind you I am getting old now so I may be looking back with my rose tinted glasses  :grin:
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 13.03.17 18:33 GMT Upvotes 1
Once again not a mention of any of the Obedience competitions - these are the KC Championships after all.
For the serious dog fancier, this programme gets more shallow every year. The coverage of the breed judging was non existent, it has become a pet magazine programme with heavily edited group coverage at the end.
There were too many of Noel Fitzpatrick's non specialist thoughts, and the recently qualified vet nurse was just a waste of valuable broadcast time.
Don't even start me on Alan Carr and Ewan Thomas.
- By Tommee Date 13.03.17 19:35 GMT
Once again not a mention of any of the Obedience competitions - these are the KC Championships after all.  

You mean you didn't see the 1st & 2nd Dog's from the Championships give a demonstration?

It was the only bit I watched
- By tigran [gb] Date 13.03.17 19:44 GMT
I wish the presenters would get their facts straight! In the pastoral group Peter Purves called the Cardigan corgi a Pembroke and listed the pems wins as the cardi went round the ring. It was left to Jessica Holm to announce that the next dog WAS the Pembroke. He didn't even have the excuse that the pem has a tail as well cos this one was a NBT !
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 13.03.17 19:50 GMT
No. Was that on yesterday? If so, I was there all day, so not watching the TV. Did they show any of Mary Ray's, 'Singing in he Rain' performance? Highly recommended.
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 13.03.17 19:52 GMT
This was in reply to Tommee.
- By Agility tervs [gb] Date 13.03.17 20:05 GMT Upvotes 7
A general reply to the original question. If they did this to the world cup or Olympics there would be uproar. Crufts started off as a breed show and quite rightly this should predominate. But agility, obedience (didn't see any but may have been on Thursday when it was dog training night) etc. have their place there and people have worked hard to get there. Agility time was taken up by presenters running around with dogs and the international competition. In the medium championship a lot of emphasis was put on Pudsey whereas the dog and handler who beat him twice and was overall third (Pudsey was fourth) was not shown. What had the Olympic medal winners got to do with it? They've had their programme. So before major football finals presenters should be allowed a kickabout on the pitch and instead of watching the football people should be encouraged to send photos of their children playing in the park. Get rid of non dog presenters and bring on the dogs.
Even when it showed the breed classes the camera was rarely at an angle to give a good view of the dogs
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 13.03.17 21:19 GMT
Whilst I agree with what you're saying AgitlityTervs - the Olympics is about sport and not beauty contests and, apart from trying to bump up viewing ratings by aiming content at kids (why they only think it's kids want to watch is beyond me) the breed classes are, for all intents and purposes, outwardly about beauty.
- By Tommee Date 13.03.17 23:59 GMT
Was that on yesterday? 

It was on Saturday as it was the Dog Championship 1st & 2nd. Dogs Sat, Bitch Sun.

Mary Ray was shown & is now on Youtube. All the Obedience will on Youtube shortly.
- By Tommee Date 14.03.17 11:26 GMT Upvotes 2
Obedience demonstration
- By corgilover [gb] Date 14.03.17 22:39 GMT
I do what I always do recording all the programs then f.f. all the bits I don't want to like you I want to see the group's not all the fluff bits
- By Gundog Girl [gb] Date 15.03.17 08:24 GMT Upvotes 3
I was very disappointed with the covering of the gundogs. Saturday evenings show was a party political broadcast on behalf of Fitzpatrick Referrals followed by 10 minutes of gundog showing. I admire the man and his work and dedication to it, but really! And the Flat Coat was robbed!
- By WolfieStruppi [gb] Date 16.03.17 12:56 GMT
Would it be so difficult to have separate programs? One for the actual showing of dogs with Jessica and Frank only and another for Obedience flyball agility htm shopping etc.
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 16.03.17 13:43 GMT Upvotes 2
Why should the activities get stuck with shopping:lol::lol:
- By snowkitten [gb] Date 18.03.17 06:27 GMT Upvotes 2
I thought it was awful. Hated Alan Carr who I generally thought was just taking the mickey. Nothing about any of the YKC activities really. Nothing about what was happening in the Activities Ring in Hall 3. I missed Mary Ray's performance which tbh is now a bit of a tradition and don't get me started on the Group coverage!! When Channel 4 first took over it was miles better then the rubbish we had this year!!
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