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Poll Do you feed grain-free?
Yes, I wouldn't feed anything else! 17 74%
I would if I could afford it 1 4%
I like the idea but my dogs are ok as they are 3 13%
No, I don't see what all the fuss is about 2 9%
- By Jessica B Date 12.03.17 08:07 GMT
I have had tremendous success switching my dogs to a completely grain-free diet (minus treats). Grain-free dog food is not very popular in Australia and not cheap, so I was wondering what the situation is like elsewhere. Do you feed grain-free or do you think it's a load of nonsense?
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 12.03.17 11:33 GMT
Since I remember myself the dogs in our family have always been fed raw. However we have always fed varied diet, supplementing meat/offal/bones with eggs, grain, veggies, sprouts and fruit, plus variety of fat/olis (animal, salmon, olive, coconut). They also get stuff like freshly ground flax seeds, kefir and similar "healthy" foods. All raw except some veggies are steamed, and grain is boiled, steamed or soaked.

Why I don't feed solely meat/offal/bones - basically I think that in our current environment with all the pollution, chemicals, radioactive stuff, car exhausts, you name it, my dog just as myself and the rest of our family could do with some extra help to hopefully counteract some of that yucky stuff. Just as an example: dogs get cancer just as often as people do, and some of the above foods have anti-cancer properties. I don't know whether or not they do help my dog in the same way as they do help humans. But for as long as I know that those foods do not harm my dog in any way, I will feed it in the hope that it contributes a little to keep my dog healthy and living long.

I also buy human-grade food and organic whenever possible. Only raw tripe we buy in pet shops as butchers are not allowed to sell raw for humans. The reason for this is very very weak regulations and quality control on food for animals not for human consumption (basically food for pets as opposed to food for pigs etc - in the latter case regulations/control is much stronger due to people eating the mean of these animals). Again it doesn't mean that there is necessarily anything wrong with pet food, I simply do it in the sense of "better be safe than sorry".

As I said we've been feeding this diet forever and the dogs do very well on it. Never had any problems digestive or skin or allergies. It is also affordable (our dogs are small) and fairly easy as dogs pretty much share our food, so when I prepare meal for the family, many ingredients are the same as for dogs.
- By Jessica B Date 12.03.17 22:50 GMT
I've never really thought about feeding raw, but thanks for the info! I'll have to look into it more.
- By JeanSW Date 13.03.17 00:17 GMT Upvotes 2
Since I changed to grain free I don't get dogs with cacky bums, no looseness at all, and so much easier to pick up poo.  Don't dog folk love talking about dog poo.  :grin:
- By Jessica B Date 13.03.17 01:26 GMT

> I don't get dogs with cacky bums, no looseness at all, and so much easier to pick up poo.

Yeah I've noticed that too. Any excuse to talk about poo :lol:
- By Merlot [gb] Date 13.03.17 07:46 GMT
You need to option of NO I feed something completely different.
I also feed raw.
- By Jessica B Date 13.03.17 09:55 GMT

> You need to option of NO I feed something completely different.

Yes I realize that now! Interesting to hear you feed raw as well.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 13.03.17 10:07 GMT
At the moment I can't vote !!
- By colliepam [gb] Date 10.04.17 20:17 GMT
yes,i have to agree,my dogs are raw fed,but i often give them raw or cooked veg,various supplements,and the odd treat of a bit of bread ,rice,grain free kibble(mainly when ive nothing defrosted-very useful as are tinned pilchards!)
- By Gundogs [gb] Date 11.04.17 15:27 GMT
We raw feed. We started this as one of the spaniels had a bad tummy on every dry food we tried. We add either rice or pasta to nearly every meal as he had trouble maintaining weight without. He has no bother with rice/pasta. I think (personally) that there is a lot more 'irritating' things in dry dog food than grains.
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 17.05.17 03:59 GMT Upvotes 2

"The study found:

-High meat diets are more digestible for dogs
-More nutrients from a high meat diet are able to be absorbed
-Dogs on a high meat diet had higher levels of the bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion
-Dogs on a high meat diet had smaller poo and better fecal health"
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 17.05.17 07:01 GMT
mine are Raw fed from pups. I don't use veg as they both have allergies including to yeasts veg is thought to increase reactions. I am however open to change regarding the need for veg but need to be sure it is a benefit .for me the jury is out.
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