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- By snowflake [gb] Date 11.03.17 14:05 GMT
Our Mini Schnauzer is 12 weeks old,  I have had him for nearly two weeks and up til now he has been a really good eater.  He is on four feeds a day.  I have been soaking his kibble and adding a small bit of wet puppy food in with it.  He seems to have gone off it a bit though and is not eating up as he had been. He has started (for short periods now)  running around in the garden with the other dogs although in between he is in his puppy pen. I think he has been getting a bit over excited.   Do you think I should stick with what I am doing feedwise?  I wondered whether I could mix a tiny bit of cooked chicken in with his kibble or is he too young?  Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.  He is full of beans and very well in himself.  Thanks!
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 11.03.17 15:14 GMT Upvotes 1
Too young for cooked chicken? I didn't think there was an age limit; our pups munch on raw chicken and other meats starting 3 weeks of age :smile: If you haven't already sometimes it helps cure picky eaters by feeding all dogs in the same room. Seeing his comrades devouring food and hearing accompanying noises could well up his appetite.
- By MamaBas Date 11.03.17 16:20 GMT
Depending on his weight now (you should be able to feel the ribs but not see them) you might drop the fourth meal (she says with caution).   It could be that he's just not in need of the last meal of the day.   Try it and see if he goes back to eating up the three meals - breakfast around 7 am, lunch around noon and the third meal some time around 5 pm.   This lack of interest in all his meals could simply be that he's getting enough from 3 meals now.   By all means add cooked breast of chicken but the more you give him 'human food', the more he'll be looking for it.   Provided you use a good quality puppy food, one that lists meat or fish as the main ingredient, and maybe if you feel it's needed, add a little tinned puppy meat to the mix, he should be getting all he really needs.   Talk to his breeder about what's going on - nobody should know better what works for their breed, and especially their bloodlines more than the experienced.

You shouldn't need to be soaking his kibble - puppy food is made so that puppies with a full set of teeth, should easily be able to eat it.    I tend to add just a little warmed water to the mix just before eating, to bring up the smell and taste, but at 12 weeks, wouldn't need to soak it.
- By debbo198 [gb] Date 11.03.17 22:32 GMT
I'd rather reduce the amount of each meal rather than the number of meals at this age.  I would also only give 10 minutes to eat then take it away, put in the fridge and give for the next meal. 
Adding tasty things to meals is fine but I wouldn't do it in the same meal as they'll likely hold out for something better.

Bone broth can be really good to entice appetites- especially if kibble fed.

At teething time, cold things can help their sore gums.
- By snowflake [gb] Date 12.03.17 14:07 GMT
Thank you!  The kibble with the cooked chopped breast of chicken was devoured,  no probs!!  I am now reducing the meals to three a day and hopefully this will solve the problem.
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